About Us

At Candle Crowd, we’re dedicated to everything candles. Our goal is to provide you with information on all of your candle burning needs.

What brought us together as a team? Our love for candles! We started out just like most people: by burning one or two candles at home and enjoying the atmosphere it created. But soon enough, our collection grew so much that our house no longer had space for them all! So we decided to start this website, where we could share with each other our experiences with these amazing scented tools.

Candle Crowd About Us

Today, there are thousands of different types of candles available on the market, in all shapes and sizes- though some will argue that they’re not “candles”, but simply “luminaries” or “vessels”. But we won’t get into semantics. At Candle Crowd, we believe the nomenclature shouldn’t matter so much as how it makes you feel, and that’s why we’re here: to help you find your perfect candle!

On our site, you will find a lot of information about candles- from what their purpose is in our modern world to how they’re made, from where those scents come from to all those beautiful and artistic designs crafted around them. And even candle care and safety! We want our site to be really informative and helpful for anyone who wants to know more about this amazing art form.

So go ahead and read everything we have here 🙂