How To Use Candle Aromatherapy To Create A Relaxing Atmosphere

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In these modern times, when we all have to be on our jobs and then are answerable to someone above us. To get overwhelmed or to experience stress is not something that is out of the blue. We all are now accustomed to this life that comes with its own burdens. But in this life where stress is everywhere candle aromatherapy is something that can change the way we have been viewing things lately.

Aromatherapy scented candles do not just lighten the load they also boost up your whole mood and that is a blessing in disguise. The use of these therapeutic candles dates back to ancient times when people especially the royals used to have these to promote a calming and relaxing environment that was used to ease the sore shoulders. An aromatherapy candle is also known as an essential oil candle.

When it comes to the topic of candle aromatherapy, there is no shadow of a doubt that there are several therapeutic candles that you can buy from the stores. But the homemade candles are just simply the best. There also comes the bonus as well as freedom of choosing a fragrance oil that you like. Furthermore, they are also eco-friendly and are highly economical. So let us dive into the details about what is candle aromatherapy as well as essential oil candle therapy and how you can get the best out of it.

What is Candle Aromatherapy?

Candle aromatherapy is a relaxing technique in which with the help of olfactory stimulation, a person is able to get rid of all the stress that has been weighing him or her down. The main ingredient of this soothing therapy is aromatherapy-scented candles. With the right use of these therapeutic candles, you can create a sense of peaceful and calming space. This will ultimately boost your home ambiance and will give you a long deserving break.

Candle Aromatherapy; What’s the Truth and What’s Myth

Well for one you do not have to doubt their working capabilities. These therapeutic candles do work but the thing is that you have to be highly cautious of ingredients that you are using to make these aromatherapy scented candles. The choice and type of wax, wick, and the use of essential oils for the productions of the right scents are all things that must be considered.

The use of paraffin wax is something that raises a lot of eyebrows. Paraffin, when burns or melts, leads to the production of soot as well as ash that contains everything that is dangerous and toxic both from an environmental and health perspective. Furthermore, it is also laced with synthetic fragrances that you should avoid.

This claim has recently been backed by various scientific researchers that almost 35% of people experience an adverse reaction when they are exposed to artificial fragrances.

Some of the health complications are as follows:

  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Breathing issues
  • Skin problems
  • Respiratory problems

And we can all wholeheartedly agree that none of us wants this under any circumstance right!!!!

And then comes the category of aromatherapy scented candles that are made up of nothing but natural wax. This can be coconut wax or beeswax and other organic materials. In these, we can use plant wax and plant-derived essential oils. It is mainly the presence of essential oils such as eucalyptus essential oil that lend these therapeutic candles their calming or healing properties. All this then adds up to the well-being benefits of candle aromatherapy that extends and encompasses self-care.

People do sometimes argue that there are no scientific claims to prove the health benefits of candle aromatherapy or candle scent. But no one can argue that the use of pure essential oil does lend some health benefits to this procedure of candle making and research also backs this claim.

candle aromatherapy; aromatherapy scented candles; therapeutic candles; scented candles
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Some of the best essential oils for candle aromatherapy:

While now that we have discussed that this aspect of essential oils it is inevitable for us to shed light on some of the best possible choices one can make in this regard. So let us discuss those essential oils that have a therapeutic and calming effect on our senses.

  • Lavender
  • Sweet orange
  • Bergamot
  • Ylang ylang
  • Clary sage
  • eucalyptus oil

One should avoid synthetic ingredients in the candle-making experience and try to use a natural candle wax if you want to experience a soothing scent. The regular candle aromatherapy can be highlighted if you were to use natural ingredients such as chamomile, vanilla, or jasmine and natural wax flakes. This blend will enhance the fragrance note of your soy wax candle.

The benefits of candle aromatherapy

When we are on the topic of aromatherapy scented candles, it is not right for us to leave this crucial detail outside. Thus let us discuss some of the benefits of using these therapeutic candles in detail.


It is the presence of the plant-based essential oils that make these aromatherapy scented candles one of their kind. The burning time of the candle and the whole ambiance is one to beat.


Then comes this aspect of house ambiance. There is something so romantic about the way a candle burns or glows. The halo that a burning candle creates can make any room or space warm and cozy and intimate. The ambiance will be equally comforting and healing.


One thing that no one can trust nowadays is either the store-bought candles worth of all the money that has been spent on them. The joy of making candles at home is doubled by the thought that the materials that you have been using in the entire process are nothing but natural.

This candle recipe will be entirely yours and thus you won’t have to worry about the aspect that there might be lead or paraffin which will then lead to several other complications.

You will only be using natural and organic compounds such as soy wax and a cotton wick.

Easy candle aromatherapy

Well contrary to the sloth that is living inside of you, the candle-making process is not only soothing it is also very easy. You can enjoy candle aromatherapy with the help of these homemade candles. So it is about time to wake the artist inside of you.

The best gift

Who says that you only have to gift others expensive gifts. Aromatherapy scented candles can prove to be the right gift for your office colleagues or your friends. The gifts are not only simple, innovative but also have a deep sentiment in the core that you actually care for the other person and their well-being.

You can also try to make these gifts according to how they like, for example, you can add the touch of their loved fragrance. This is another way to show them that you care and that they matter!

candle aromatherapy; aromatherapy scented candles; therapeutic candles; scented candles
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The rightful Ingredients for candle aromatherapy

You do not have to be a candle lover to fall in love with the candles. You just have to have a warm heart at the core to enjoy the very basics of aromatherapy scented candles. Following are some of the best ingredients that you need to know about for the homemaking experience:

Soy wax

This wax is not only one of the best possible replacements for paraffin they are also organic and thus are simply the best fit. If you decide to add this to your therapeutic candles then you will not only enjoy the creamy appearance but you will also get your hands on a candle whose aroma is properly balanced.


When it comes to the choice of wick then the pre-tapped cotton wick is not only the best but is also a handy choice. It easily fits well with the DIY soy candles.

Heat-Proof Container

This is the next step that comes in handy both from a safety as well as an appearance point of view. We would recommend you use a heat-resistant container that won’t catch fire. The use of this container or a vessel because will prevent leakage, break. That is when you should come across glass jars, ceramics, and enamel mugs.

Essential Oils

Last but not the least, the effectiveness and quality mainly depend as well as are amplified by the use of the right and balanced essential oils. In order to have a candle aromatherapy experience, you should move over to the store-bought essential oils and try to pick out the best and most reputable ones in the market.

What do you need for making candles for candle aromatherapy?

Well if you all are wondering that we are just debating about the best aromatherapy scented candles only? No, we will also tell you how you can make one for you with the aid of the right equipment.

  • A melting pot for the purpose of melting the wax
  • A hot glue gun will be the best for safety and is used for securing the wick to the container
  • A wick centering tool is the one you will use for keeping the candle wick in place while you are giving the wax time to cool.
  • A temperature gun you will be needing it to check out the temperature of the wax
  • Scissors will be used to shorten out the wick

How much essential oil do you need to add to the therapeutic candles?

The 464 soy wax is able to hold on to almost 10% fragrance. But we won’t recommend you to use all 10%. You should try to go as high as 6% or 7% because otherwise, your candle-making experience will go down the hill due to severe burning issues. If you want your candles to smell light you can add essential oils from 3 to 4%.

candle aromatherapy; aromatherapy scented candles; therapeutic candles; scented candles
Photo by Frosty Ilze from Pexels

If you are using an 8 oz 225-gram candle then this is the breakdown of the fragrance load percentage.

  • Light scent: 130 drops / 0.23 oz / 6.5 g (3%)
  • Medium scent: 180 drops / 0.31 oz / 9 g (4%) – 220 drops / 0.38 oz / 11 g (5%)
  • Strong scent: 270 drops / 0.47 oz / 13.5 g (6%) – 310 drops / 0.55 oz / 15.5 g (7%)

How to make an aromatherapy scented candle?

Now the question that will be arising in the minds of you dear readers is that how can you make a candle for the candle aromatherapy experience.

Here is a recipe for all of you:

Step 1; let us secure the wick

  • First things first make sure that the container is not only dry, but it is also clean as well as dust-free.
  • Then place a dot of hot glue on the wick.
  • Be very gentle in pushing the wick inside the container
  • Give the glue some time to harden

Step 2: wick centering tool

  • Then with the help of this wick push the wicks’ thread inside the vessel
  • Pull the wick straight and then confine it to the little notch space.

Step 3: let’s melt it all

  • Let us work on the soy wax now.
  • Add the soy wax inside a pot
  • Then put the pot on a stove until all the soy wax melts away
  • Then carefully remove the pot with all the melted wax away from the heat

Step 4: mix essential oils

  • Then you have to add all the essential oils in a glass beaker or a jar
  • Continuously stir the jar so that all the oils are mixed together
  • Be very patient at this step because you might have to stir 40 to 50 times. Stirring is of utmost importance otherwise there will be grain formation.

Step 5: pour it out

Give all the melted candles some time to cool

Then pour the wax inside a container. You can fill the container in half or to the quarter just below the rim.

Step 6: Cool and use

Give the candle some time to get cool at room temperature. This cooling process will change the color from transparent to white or too opaque.

Then you have to give some time to the candle to get cured say from 12 to 24 hours. This will ultimately allow for an enthralling and invigorating scent throw. There exists a direct relationship between scent throw and the longer life of a candle.

How can you homemade candles for candle aromatherapy?

Well for one you can burn a candle as it is one of the primitive ways to light up the inside of any space. It will also pull all the stress out of the space that you are using it in. The burning experience of a candle can make any environment calming and thus invokes a sense of calmness amidst all the madness that has been going on.

An additional tip is that you do not have to bother to light the candle for the candle aromatherapy, you can just simply enjoy the scent as well. You just have to close your eyes, lift the candle up to your nose and then inhale the calming scents.

When is the best time to light candles?

Before bedtime is the best time for this relaxing experience. This is the right time because you are going to bed and leaving all the anxious and deprived thoughts behind. That is why this is the best possible time for this intoxicating experience at a time for a stress-relieving experience.


Candle aromatherapy is not something that is a hidden fact because even though there is no scientific evidence supporting this but the benefits of this is something that is very much evident.

Thus make sure to get benefitted from this above information-rich blog and thank us later after a relaxing experience.

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