Candle Flame Meaning: Understanding & Interpretation For Candle Magic

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It is really fun to unfold candle flame, meaning that it can improve your candle magic castability. Explaining the ways candle burns can lead to deep truth galore and insights. You can also confirm conjuring spells this way.

The candle flame has been a part of human culture for centuries. They were used in temples and homes to offer light and ward off evil spirits. It is no wonder that they would have given birth to only the flames but also different candle flame meanings depending on what they represented at that particular time during history.

Candle flame meaning comes from the ancient cultures of Greeks, Celts, Romans, and Babylonians mostly. Hoodoo also added their spin to the candle divination meanings. Wicca is one of the most common candle flame interpretations, which we use in practices these days.

candle flame meaning; candle flame; flickering flame

Importance of candle flame meaning in candle magic

Candle magic is all about bringing unseen energies from deep within us and making them seen through an act as simple but powerful: lighting up some candles while focusing on what matters most. In the basic process, we focus our intentions, emotions, and wishes on candles before burning them out so that they release it all in their flame.

Witchcraft or candle magic has been outlawed in many parts of the world for the best of a thousand years. But, you don't need a witch to do it for you anymore! Pick a candle of your desired color depending on what you want to achieve from it, light it, and strongly visualize your motive for as long as you can without losing concentration. And interpret the candle flame meaning using this guide.

This guide is meant to find your way in candle magic. One thing I would tell everyone who's reading this – whether they have been involved with spiritual practices before or just curious about candle magic- is this: always trust what your heart tells you and bring that truth into candle magic.

Candle magic colors & their meanings

What makes candle magic interesting is the fact that you can cast your spells with unique candle lights for added effect. For example, each color corresponds to a different meaning, so it's easy to customize any spell just by changing its color!

candle flame meaning; flickering flame; candle flame; dancing flame
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Following are different candle color meanings with their proper description.

White candle meaning

White candles empower a person's being and build their self-esteem. This color candle promotes truth, purity, and peace. White candles help to remove negative energies and fill individuals with unwavering strength to defend their souls and property against harmful energies and curses – especially at night.

Black candle meaning

Black candles protect you and your property against witches casting curses on you. With black candles, you can throw those curses right back to them. You can banish a rival by keeping you protected against their ill wishes without causing any harm to them. Black candles help you to start a brand new chapter of your life too. In general, black candles are used for repelling negative energy from others. Also, these can be used for the absorption and destruction of these negative energies.

Blue candle meaning

Blue candles can help you to break any obstacle that may hinder you from achieving your successful career. Creativity spells can block your wisdom and creative thoughts with which you can excel in your career. These candles can aid in breaking bind creativity to you. Moreover, blue candles aid in emotional healing, meditation, forgiveness, faithfulness and can open lines of blocked communication. Working with water brings a lighter energy side. Besides, they are great for cleansing and truth-seeking.

Orange candle meaning

From winning a court battle to bringing a desirable outcome in any legal matter, you can count on orange candles. Orange candles are handy for a person who is going through hard times. These candles help to improve cash flow and maintain successful investments to keep your finances in their best state. Additionally, they can improve overall energy, attraction, and education.

Red candle meaning

Red candles will bring back your lost love and passion. These brilliant colored candles break curses that separate you from your lover or influence your relationship in an unpleasant way. They also help release negative emotions and break the chains that connect you to a toxic person or relationship. And bring you energy, courage, sex, passion, and vitality.

Yellow candle meaning

Yellow candles help you to enrich your spiritual and mental well-being by manifesting positive changes in life. These candles give a boost to your career by accompanying you at work and in other investments. Yellow candles can invoke the positive energy that awakens the knowledge and intelligence you hold inside. You can pass any difficult examination successfully with these candles. As they help to maintain focus and concentrate on remembering vital ideas and information needed. Also helpful for improving confidence and bringing plans into action.

Green candle meaning

Green candles help to bring prosperity and growth to almost every aspect of life. These candles will bring in extra cash, grow your savings and bring you financial success. Green candles help you achieve your desired career position. These candles will remove any bad luck that may bring unfortunate events into your life. Generally, green candles will bring you good luck, success, good health, and fertility.

Purple candle meaning

Purple candles send our goodbyes to our departed loved ones. These candles honor the memories of the dead and release pain. Purple candles are for healing and removing diseases from the mind and body. These candles vanish anxious and stressful emotions. You can also use them for gaining recognition or fame. Purple candles improve your career and status and increase spiritual awareness, wisdom, and tranquillity.

Pink candle meaning

Pink candles help in attracting a new love to show up in your life. These candles help find the right person with the right intention for you. It also helps in healing capacity that cures physical, spiritual, and emotional wounds. With pink candles, the sick will go through a speedy recovery process from any illness. These pink candles allow nurturing and restoration of the mind, heart, and soul. Furthermore, it allows positive self-love, friendship, harmony, and joy to abound.

Let’s do candle magic and interpret candle flame meaning

To be honest, there is no single right way to do candle magic. You always keep learning new workings and spells while trying every possible way. You are the person that gives power and life to your spellwork. There are some common practices that many witches partake in, so basically, this guide provides you with basic grounds for those practices.

We’d highly recommend that you should learn your way and trust your instincts. Do what makes sense to you and what you are confident about.

Following are some common practices that witches adopt in their witchcraft and spells for candle magic.

How to dress a candle for candle magic?

As you know, candle magic cannot be done by any single right way. Following are some steps that show possible ways you may want to use. For dressing a candle, you are free to choose and pick any way that works for you.

Focus on your intentions

In magical workings, the intention is key to all. By using your power and will, you have to charge the candle. You can do this when you’re clear about your thoughts and what you want to do.

Bless & cleanse

Like some witches, you can also skip this step. To clear away negative energy and to cleanse the candle, you have to light a smudge stick of your choice. Also, you have to bless your candle with gratitude and one or two chants.

Make your petition

A petition is a formal request that is made to the universe or whatever power you are working with. To bring your will into physical terms and to ties unseen with seen, carve your petition into the side of the candle.

Add oil

In all rituals and magical works, oil is the essential ingredient. Oil can act as a channel to make your intentions reality in this physical world. Infuse oil with fragrances and herbs to hold their energies and essence in it. The candle magic uses these energies to boost your success.

Add herbs

To increase your desire for the spell work, add herbs after adding ritual oil to candles. Most of the witches use herbs in their practices as herbs are loaded with the earth's energies.

candle flame meaning; candle magic; candle flame interpretations
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How To Charge A Spell Candle?

Charging is when you infuse your conscious and intangible desires into tangible objects. In magic, candles are that object. Dressing a candle is also charging candles, but now we particularly discuss charging candles through intentional energy transfer. The more intense emotions transfer into intended workings, the more spellwork works well. The energy released by burning candles makes your intentions clear. It's straightforward yet powerful magic.

Candle flames meanings and Interpretations

There are traditional standard meanings for most candle fire practices. You can use these to interpret if your goal for lighting the candle flame has been successful.

Candle flame meaning:

It's enough to seal your intentions in candles and simply light them and burn them. But some witches find a deep candle flame definition. Many thoughts come to mind when you are working with candle magic. You may wonder about the bright flickering flame and dancing flame of candles or the meaning of candles going out.

The height of the candle flame depends on the candle wick capacity to deliver wax. The wick of the new candle is saturated with wax, so the flame is high. But wax is supplied in a sustained burning candle, so flame goes back to normal.

Colored candle flame meaning:

Candle flames can be in many colors like they can sometimes be in red or yellow, blue color.

Blue candle flame meaning

Among all candle flame colors, blue flame is undoubtedly the most powerful candle flame. Blue candle flame depicts the presence of a fairy, an angel, or a spirit.

Red or Yellow candle flame meaning

A candle flame burning in yellow or red depicts that it is not burnt by spiritual energy. Mundane energy is fueling and burning it. This energy can also be powerful.

Dancing candle flame meaning

The dancing candle flame is an indication of working powers but with chances of problems. Candle flame interpretation depends on some other factors too. One of them is that the height of the flame shows resistance. If the candle flame jumps higher, then there is greater resistance.

Flickering candle flame meaning

There are many beliefs related to flickering candle flames. Some believe it is an announcement of a spiritual presence. According to the book A Little Book of Candle Magic, the meaning of flickering candle flame can be interpreted under compass points.

  • South: The flame tells that your intent is surrounded by a great deal of physical energy.
  • East: East-flickering candle flame shows your spell as working by its mental part.
  • North: A flame flickering north describes the magic is not from any spirit but a physical one.
  • West: This direction of flickering candle flame shows that the energy and depth of very strong emotions are part of spell work.
candle flame meaning; candle magic; candle flame interpretations
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Crackling and sputtering flame meaning

The crackling or sputtering of a candle flame is an indication of communication. It also serves as a warning of frequent upcoming arguments. The intensity of sputtering and the loud crackling of candle flame determine the level of communication.

The struggling candle flame meaning

In candle magic, the struggling flame is not a great sign. Maybe your timing of the spell or your energy is not perfect now. You should adjust your timing or power behind the spell to do candle magic perfectly.

Tall candle flame meaning

A strong and tall candle flame is a sign of determination. It reflects that you can achieve anything you want and put your mind to it.

Low candle flame meaning

It's a sign of low energy that means your desired success will not be achieved. If the flame is steady, then you can achieve your purpose by trying consciously. If it is weak, then the spell would not work. However, if it slowly begins to become stronger, that means negative energy has been released.

Dual flames

Dual flames from a single candle wick involve energy that is cut in half or two energies. Two energies mean the presence of two energies that may be working together or working oppositely. In the case of protection, the spell dual-flame reflects two energies joined for the positive intention of protection.

Short, weak candle flame meaning

Short, weak candle flame shows that you have to be patient as your time isn't right, or maybe your spell needs more work. Also, it reflects that your energy isn't sufficient to bring your purpose into reality. By trying any other time or working on spells and strengthening energy can change results.

Noisy flame

If your candle flame is noisy, then it's best to end your work now and try again later. Because this shows other forces or any other that opposes you.

Popping Flame

A popping flame is considered a form of negative communication. If you are burning candles for protection spells and you find a popping sound flame, it is because a person with bad intentions is planning to harm you.

Steady Flame

When there is a steady flame, it reflects that spell is doing what it is supposed to do, and there are strong positive energies behind it.

Fast Burning Candle

This flame reflects that you have to slow down in your spell process. If the flame is burning out of control, then it means something is not working correctly in your spellwork.

Uneven Fast Burning Candle

In an uneven fast-burning candle flame, one side of the candle melts down faster than the other side. This flame shows that you cast your spell before adequately grounding. So you have to choose another time to cast the spell.

Even Fast Burning Candle

If your candle is burning faster but in an even manner and creating no popping or sputtering, then there is no issue with it. You should consider your spells as successful.

The smoke produced by candle burning:

At the point when a candle is lit, its flame warms up the surrounding air. As hot air is lightweight so when it travels up, it will pull flame with it too. This is the reason for the flame burning upwards.

A candle flame grows long when the wick is long. Therefore, it is encouraged to trim the candle wick of the candle to ¼ inch before every use.

Movement of candle smoke:

In spells like money, healing, or love, this is considered excellent if smoke from ritual candles moves towards you. You will get your desired outcome. However, when the smoke moves towards you in spells like tricks, curses, and hexes, it is not considered good. It reflects that you will not be able to escape the responsibility of affecting your magic.

In contrast, the smoke moves away from you in a dramatic manner; then it reflects there is something that is escaping your grasp.

Candles make a puff of white smoke:

White smoke indicates the spiritual presence of benevolent spirits and blessings. A puff of white smoke generated at any moment shows that the purpose will be fulfilled. White soot is a representation of spiritual communication, too, and that is very rare.

Black smoke meaning:

Black smoke reflects the locking of your spell. If a ritual candle produces black smoke, then this is the representation of negative energy. Your spellwork is surrounded by bad luck, conflict, and opposite forces. Before proceeding with spellwork, you should do cleansing rituals. Just like black smoke, black soot also reflects negative energies.

Gray smoke meaning:

Gray smoke reflects your message was received.

The clean candle burning:

If your candle burns cleanly and naturally, then it means your spell is working desirably. Spells have the correct amount of energy and work at the right timings.

The candle doesn't burn clean:

When candles don't have clear burning, it reflects some problem in spell work—it may be related to timings or any other reasons. Something is missing that you didn't notice. You have to stop the spell and find the reason for not burning clean.

If your spell is blocked by opposing energies, this is referred to as a crater in your candle.

Clockwise candle burning:

On the other hand, if your spellwork attracts positive forces, it means the flow of your candle wax is clockwise.

Counterclockwise candle burning:

If your spellwork repels positive forces, that means the flow of your candle wax is counterclockwise. It means your desired outcome is moving away from you.

Flame Self-Extinguishes:

Last but not least, if candle flame self-extinguishes, it means your magic work ends here. It reflects that spirit power received your spell or wish.

In short, each colored candle and flame has a different meaning. We have tried our best to give you an insight into candle magic, especially candle flame meaning. However, one must practice and trust their instincts when doing spellwork and candle magic to achieve the desired results.

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