Candle Warmers That Will Keep Your Home Smelling Great

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Are you tired of buying candle warmers for large candles and wax melts only to be frustrated by their lack of features? What are candle warmers, and what features should you consider? This article will review the best candle warmers for large candles and wax melts to guide you through your candle warmer purchase.

So, if you're looking for a gift idea or something to keep your home smelling good without spending money on new candles every time one burns down, then the candle warmers listed in this article are ideal for you!

Candle warmers are better than traditional candles

Candle warmers are electric devices that emit gentle heat to maintain the temperature of a candle. They're perfect for large candles, wax melts, and other types of candles because they don't melt the candle as a traditional candle does. They heat the wax and cause the candle's fragrance to fill air rapidly.

While the traditional candles have a wick for burning and are open-flame, candle warmers have metal plates inside; they melt the wax of a candle to disperse its fragrance quickly.

While traditional candles can produce a large flame that might be dangerous around pets and children, candle warmers emit no open flame or smoke at all.

In addition, traditional candles have to be burned for a long time to produce fragrance. They don’t give much aroma as you'd like them to. The scent from traditional candles does not spread all over your house or room, making them less effective than wax melts and jar candles within a candle warmer.

On the other hand, if you’re using candle warmers, the wax will evaporate like it did when you lit the candle. When you light a candle, it releases candle wax vapors into the air. The candle warmer will emit fragrance using the same way as a traditional candle, but without flame or heat.

Even with these differences, candle warmer gives better fragrance as compared to traditional candles. Candle warmers are safer than conventional paraffin candles. Warming a candle is better than burning a wick because it emits fragrance quickly.

It's also good because you don't have to extinguish your candle every time. A candle warmer will keep your candles warm without ever burning out.

Candle warmers make the atmosphere fragrant

Candles are the best and easiest way to make the atmosphere fragrant. At the same time, candles bring warmth, comfort, relaxation, romance, ambiance, and tranquility. To make homes more inviting and cozy, people use candles. Moreover, they keep your house smelling good all the time.

Candle warmers are a great alternative to all the work of lighting and extinguishing candles. Wax melts provide fragrance without the flame, offer an easy way to enjoy candlelight, melt-away candle fragrance, and more.

candle warmers; wax melt; electric warmer

Candle warmers are an essential mood-enhancing tool. They ​give off a scent and create a candle-less candle effect; the best way to scent your room without an open flame or smoke that can irritate your allergies.

Candle warmers give a better scent throw

When you light a candle warmer, the fragrance will fill your entire room in a very short time. You often smell candles more when they are close to you. Candle warmers release scents faster and more intensely than traditional candles.

It is also easier to control candle warmers scents than traditional candles because they have temperature controls.

Traditional candles take time because the flame is burning down inside them, but jar candles that melt on candle warmers give an intense fragrance in no time with less heat so that your wax won't burn out quickly.

Candle warmers produce heat to disperse fragrance

Candle warmers heat the wax of a candle to release the fragrance. It is different from traditional candles, which have an open flame. There are many styles of candle warmers available on the market. Some candle warmers use bulbs, and other candle warmers use metal plates to warm the wax.

The three main types of candle warmers are:

  1. Plate-style candle warmers
  2. Candle Crock warmers
  3. Lamp & Lantern Candles

Lamp warmers give a gentle glow; therefore, you can use them for mood lighting. It usually has a 25-watt bulb for wax melting, whereas crock candle warmers have metal plates or dishes where you place your candle on it to melt the wax and spread fragrance around in your room. The bulb inside candle warmers does not get hot enough to burn anything, making them safe for children, pets, and the elderly. The plate-style candle warmers do not take time because it has metal plates inside that helps in melting your wax quickly and easily. Wax melts generally remain 3-12 hours before evaporating all of their scents.

The time will vary depending on the model of the candle warmers and the amount of heat it can endure. Because the scent of a candle will lose after 4-5 hours on a candle warmer, so, you may be turning it off sooner to replace the candle.

The biggest advantage of candle warmers is that they are safe to use. You can leave them on for up to ten hours because they don't give off any open flame or smoke to burn your house down.

It is, however, safe to ensure that there's no flammable item near the candle warmer before using it, which might cause a fire if something goes wrong.

Our top picks of candle warmers and wax melters

Now, let’s get over our top picks of candle warmers for you!

Candle Warmers ETC Aurora Candle Warmer Lamp

This candle warmer lamp has an adorable black base with a pewter stem and frosted white shade, making it a nice addition for many interiors. It is very easy to use and will melt candle wax in a matter of minutes.

The revolutionary patented lamp melts and illuminates the top of the candle to release the fragrance quickly and safely. It creates a pleasant odor without soot, pollutants, or flames.

These candle warmers come with a large 25-watt light bulb that makes it a warm jar candle, votive candle, or tealight candle. The black base is sturdy enough not to tip over easily while warming your candle.

If you want a stylish and versatile lamp candle warmer that will melt candle wax quickly, this is a great choice.



  • Expensive

Hituiter 3D Glass touch Electric dimmable Fragrance Fireworks candle warmer

A Hituiter candle warmer lamp has everything you could possibly need in a candle warmer. Hituiter candle warmers come with a touch sensor and three temperature settings.

This particular candle warmer lamp has a stainless steel base that is sturdy enough not to tip over easily while warming your candle. The body of the candle warmer is made of stained glass. This makes it very easy to clean after each use. It also looks great on most tables or surfaces.

It melts candle wax, making it an excellent choice for home use. The candle warmer lamp has three temperature settings that are very easy to adjust with the touch sensor. You can set this candle warmer lamp at low/medium/high temperature, depending on your candle wax.

Hituiter candle warmers lamp comes with a large 25-watt bulb that can warm jar candles, votive candles, or tealight candles. These lamps work great with all; wax melt, wax cube, wax tart, and fragrant oil. It comes with a candle warmer dish that you can pour your wax melt or a wax tart onto it.

Moreover, it also adds warm candlelight to your bedroom, living room, or dining area. It creates a 3D firework effect and spreads the fragrance.

Easy operating with the touch sensor, this candle warmer lamp is a great choice for people who want to warm candle wax without any hassle.


  • It offers three brightness levels.
  • You can use it as a night lamp.
  • It also works as an air freshener.
  • It creates flame without soot or other pollutants.


  • It creates a firework effect which may be too bright for some people.

Hituiter Wax Melt warmer or candle warmer Classic Black Forest Design

The next item on our list is the Hituiter wax melt warmer which has a lovely black forest design. It also comes with seven colors of LED light that make it an attractive wax melter.

This wax melter is made of quality metal and looks very sturdy. This electric Scentsy wax warmer includes a USB plug for charging cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

The heating element of the wax burner is made of ceramic electronics. These are energy-efficient, environmentally beneficial, and offer consistent temperature regulations.

This wax melter is not suitable for jar candles or candles with metal lids. It only works well with wax melts, scented candle wax, and oil lamp.

Another great feature of this Wax Melt from Hituiter is the color-changing mode, so you can choose the color to suit your mood. You can choose from multi-color slow change, multi-color fast change, and multiple monochromatic lights.

It comes with an adjustable ceramic dish which allows you to adjust it according to different sized wax. Moreover, it is easy to clean.

With a unique black forest design and high-end features, the Hituiter wax melt warmer is a great wax melter for your home décor.


  • It offers seven colors of LED light which adds elegance to the candle warmer.
  • You can charge cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices using its USB plug.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It produces smokeless and flameless candlelight.
  • You can use it as a night light.


  • It is not suitable for a candle with a metal lid.

Wrought Iron Crystal wax melt warmer or candle warmers

Another beautiful wax melt warmer on our list is this beautiful crystal-themed candle warmer by Leyoue. With an innovative design, this candle warmer is not just great for candle waxes but also works well with essential oils. The Leyoue candle warmers are made of high-quality wrought iron and imported crystal.

In addition, this candle warmer also features a Halogen light that can add a more stylish look to your home or office décor. This lovely piece comes with a 120 V light bulb.

The Illumination candle warmer isn't suited for jar candles; it best accommodates candle wax melt and wax tart. If you are looking for a tart warmer to add a more elegant look to your home, this Leyoue candle warmer is an ideal choice.


  • Innovative design
  • Beautifully illuminate your space with a warm glow


  • Not suitable for jar candles.

Scentsy Live Simply full-Size wax warmer or candle warmers

This cute wax warmer is made of high-quality ceramic. It comes in a simple design that makes it look exquisite. The Scentsy wax warmers are hand-painted and have a reactive glaze to make them appear unique.

We highly appreciate the calming message engraved on the Scentsy candle warmers that says "live simply," which is a great message to pass on to others.

The wax warmer has low wattage, which saves energy and will not overheat your wax. It has a large surface area that heats evenly and melts wax quickly. The Scentsy candle warmer is suitable for all types of melts, including scented candle wax.

Scentsy wax warmer looks simple and would be a great choice for guest rooms or small spaces.


  • It looks very elegant because it is hand-painted with a unique reactive glaze design.
  • It has a nice ceramic build.
  • Not the best-looking candle warmer.


  • The wax warmer has low wattage and may not melt the wax quickly in cold seasons.

One Fur All Pet House Electric Wax Warmer or candle warmers

The one fur all pet wax warmer is designed to make your home smell fresh and clean. It is a pet-friendly wax warmer that will give you fresh air all day.

The wax warmer has an on/off switch, so it won't overheat while not in use. This wax warmer comes in a small size that makes it suitable to put on tables or countertops.

It has a simple design with an adorable paw print that looks very cute. The One Fur All candle warmer lamp is made of ceramic, so you can feel free to use wax melts candles on this candle warmer.

The candle warmer is safe and easy to use. It requires a minimal amount of wax which makes it cost-efficient too.

Fur All Pet House Electric Wax Warmer refreshes your room with natural scents of candle wax and melts. In addition, this warmer is compatible with fragrant tarts and candles.


  • The candle warmer is safe and easy to use.
  • It is compatible with scented tarts and candles.
  • Perfect for pet parents.
  • Easy to use electric design.


  • It takes longer to spread the fragrance after warming the candle than it does to light it.

Maintainance of candle warmers

Maintaining your candle warmer is just as important as maintaining your candles. Clean all the parts of your wax warmer with a soft, lint-free cloth after each use to avoid the buildup that may affect its performance.

The cleaning frequency depends on how often you use your warmer, but generally speaking, the candle warmer should be cleaned at least once a week. It is better to clean wax residue after each use because it can be very difficult to remove when built up.

You should not put essential oils directly on your candle warmer. It is for melts and candles only.

Regularly cleaning your wax warmer ensures that it will run smoothly and last longer. Wax warmers use up a lot of energy to melt the candle, so you should allow your wax warmer to cool down before plugging in again.

The ideal temperature for melting wax is around 30-40°C (86-104°F). ​If you want to be more specific, the temperature should not exceed 110°F degrees. Different types of candle warmers come with adjustable thermostats and timers so that you can adjust your preferred temperature very easily. But it's better to read its manual before using any candle warmer.


Candle warmers or wax melts both are great choices for fragrance in your home. In this article, we review some of the brands of candle warmers and wax melts.

With our detailed guide, we nominate CANDLE WARMERS ETC Aurora Candle Warmer Lamp as the best candle warmer. This is because the candle warmer comes with various excellent features, and it can easily fit into any décor.

In addition, Hituiter wax melter would also be a great choice if you wish to use wax melts because it has a color-changing LED bulb to change candlelight according to your mood. Moreover, it has a classic black forest design that will increase the beauty of your candle.

If you want to give a luxurious look to your home or spa, you must choose a Leyoue wax melt warmer.

However, if you have pets around, One Fur All is a great choice because it has cute paw prints and is a safe-to-use design.

Another excellent alternative is Hituiter 3D Glass Touch Electric Wax Melt Warmer because it has a beautiful design with a dimmable wax burner.

Is it true that all candle warmers are terrible? No – We wouldn't include them in our list if they were terrible, so we won't. They also have excellent features, but they are different.

We tried to give you more information about candle warmer and wax melters so you can choose easily. If you love simplicity, Scentsy wax melter is a wonderful choice for your home or office because it promotes “live simply” and spreads the fragrance smoothly.

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