Lavender Candles Are Great For Relaxation & Sleep

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It is not a new thing to discuss that candles are one of the best ways to lift the ambiance of any house. But nothing can beat the experience that one can have with the rightful dose of lavender candles. The craft of candle-making is not something that is out of the blue. The burning candle provides for some of the best therapeutic experiences.

Lavender candles have the ability to make you feel comfortable within the confines of your own house; it is one of the most used candle scents out there. Everyone associates lavender with its color as well as its aromatic experience. But it is worth noting here that the use of lavender for the purpose of aromatherapy candles and skincare products has been going on for centuries. You can either buy them from the market or make homemade candles with the right dose of essential oil.

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Lavender candles might help people with

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Burns
  • Wound healing
  • Mood swings
  • Eczema and dry skin
  • Chemotherapy side effects

That is why it is no wonder that lavender has been used for quite some time because of all the aforementioned health perks of this wondrous flower. Thus it is not difficult to believe that lavender candles are a great means to light up the dull and boring home ambiance.

This gives us enough room to discuss the lavender candles in great detail for the purpose of aromatherapy and home ambiance.

First things first, we will discuss the matters of the basic guidelines when it comes to choosing the best lavender candles for home use or the purpose of the gift.

Wax for Lavender Candles

The wax that is used in the candle-making process is mostly made up of paraffin or soy.

Well, it is safe to say that the use of paraffin in the candle-making process is not something that is being done in this century. It is one of the most basic and traditional waxes used by humans for the purpose of candle making. But a big downfall of this one is that it is not one for the environment.

Most of the time, it is made from crude oil. And that is not a renewable source. Furthermore, using those paraffin candles can cause serious health issues. Thus it is highly discouraged.

Alternatively, soy wax candles are considered to be a much better option because they come with natural ingredients which are not bad for the health. Soy wax is also a good choice for lavender candles that have to be burned for a longer period.

The Scent in Lavender Candles

This is one of the main reasons one might end up using lavender candles in the first place. And when it comes to lavender, nothing can beat the power that this iconic scent holds. Because no matter how ancient this aroma is, it is still one of the best sellers around the globe.

Sometimes lavender scented candles are made up of pure lavender scents. And sometimes, they might have different scents inside them in the right proportions. We might advise you to pay strict attention to just the odor of lavender. Because it is the main reason, you are getting your hands on it. And if not, then you should always try something new… Because why not!

Ingredients of Lavender Candles

Another aspect that needs your full attention and thus should not be ignored under any condition is this one. Pay attention to this feature of lavender candles before you end up buying them. Sometimes there are some candles that even have chemicals or GMOs.

They are not only harmful to your olfactory senses but also disrupt your olfactory stimulation and thus are a no-no.

In addition to all this, if you are worried about the aspect of them being cruelty-free, you need to pay attention to that as well.

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Lavender Candles that are Environmental friendly

We should not rave about this one because, well, this is a given in any circumstance. Recyclables are one of the best, and one can also say a wise decision. Whether it is environmentally friendly or not will be very much evident from the way it has been packaged.

Most of the time, the lavender candles come in glass jars, and glass jars are 100% recyclables. But if your favorite one is coming in plastic packaging, maybe it’s time you should move to something that promotes the environment more vividly.

Burn Time Matters!

Make sure to have your research before you are out there shopping for lavender scented candles. In case you are planning to use the candle in a large room, then try to pick out a candle that has a longer burning time.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that the longer a candle burns, the more costly it would be. This is something that is also dependent on the prospect of the use of wax and its type because all such things add up to make the best of lavender candles.

Packaging Is Important, too!

We have saved the best for the last. Packaging is an important aspect when it comes to the context of lavender candles. This aspect takes the central stage when the intention is to gift it out to someone important.

What Is The Best Place To Use Lavender Candles?

The one thing that these lavender scented candles are supposed to be is that they are relaxing. This feature is what makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd. Furthermore, they will suit the best in your bathrooms or your bedrooms. These are the two places which have to be comfortable.

But you should avoid using them in any place other than these. Moreover, you should not use these in those places where they can interfere with the overall house ambiance. Such as your kitchen is not just the right place for these lavender candles.

Some of the best ones!

By digging deep, we have come up with some scents that can actually make it to the aroma shelves of your house.

Benevolence Wild Lavender Candles

Scent: Wild Lavender

Theme: Season

Usage: Indoor/Outdoor

A must-have item in your houses both for the purpose of aromatherapy and natural home ambiance. This extremely unique lavender candle is made up of 100% soy wax. So, the brand promises and then delivers a clean-burning experience. Furthermore, these lavender scented candles have all the right and top-quality essential oils which can fill your house with an aroma that you have been missing out on.

The scent of lavender is the core of this candle, and thus it not only soothes your senses it also refreshes the whole space as well as your mood. Because of its calming and soothing abilities, this one can be the perfect candidate for the process of aromatherapy.

Another feature that stands out in this lavender scented candle is that it has wooden wicks inside. Thus, offers a clean-burning time of at least straight 45 hours. Thus you do not have to worry about the fact that they are not clean because they are also free of any toxic compound, paraffin, and other sorts of harmful residues that you might fear.

These lavender candles are a perfect present for your friends as well as for your colleagues. They are sophisticatedly packed and have a sense of calmness that is a must to have. That is why they can prove to be just the right gift for any occasion, be it a housewarming or a welcoming present,

If you ever think about purchasing these lavender candles, it is a thoughtful purchase. Because, for every candle that you bring home, you are getting rid of the darkness in someone else’s house. Be a part of this thoughtful donation strategy also!

Chesapeake Bay Serenity + Calm (Lavender Thyme)

Scent: Serenity + Calm

Color: Pink

Special Feature: Dripless

The fragrance features a top note that comes with the hues of bergamot, eucalyptus, rosemary. In the middle part of this lavender candle, we have lavender and thyme, which radiates the true nature of the scent. Then all this is based out on clove, cedar, and patchouli.

This lavender scented candle is something to marvel at. A scent that is perfect when it comes to being used for the sole cause of aromatherapy is this one. This lavender candle comes in pink color and has a burning time of more than 50 hours. The packaging of this lavender scented candle is equal parts mesmerizing as well as sophisticated.

When the flame burns, the light shines and flickers through the soft-colored frosted glass. The whole experience of this flame burning will spellbind you.

This candle scent is made with the help of natural soy wax, which blends. Also, it comes with the added bonus of self-trimming wicks… what else do you need! The fragrance of all these lavender candles is magically and intricately enhanced with the help of the balanced use of natural essential oils.

The packaging is also hitting the ball out of the park with the help of recyclable materials…extra points for thinking about the environment. Furthermore, they are coming with the rightful touch of a wooden lid. All this adds up to the nature of elements and thus makes up for a calming experience. That is why it has the right potential to become your favorite candle that you can also add with a suitable gift card for the purpose of gift-giving as it fits the required criteria.

Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle Lemon Lavender

Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle Lemon Lavender

Scent: Lemon Lavender

Theme: Season

Usage: Indoor

This candle scent is not only invigorating; it is also supreme in its presence. With the fragrance notes of fresh lavender and the use of pure essential oils, this is one of the best candles on this list.

This lavender candle embalms the freshness of tangy lemon and tops it off with sweet lavender flowers. Out of all the lavender scented candles that have been listed above, the burning time of this one is by far the best one. It has a long-lasting candle burn time of 110-150 hours,

The paraffin that is a part of this lavender candle is what makes for a clean, clear, and consistent burn. Each 22 oz candle gives for a measure of 6.6 inches. Furthermore, all the Yankee candles are laced with a natural fiber candle wick. This all ensures that nothing but the best is being delivered.

All the top-notch qualities make this one a perfect match to decorate your dinner tables and give you a soothing experience even on a lazy Saturday when you want to enjoy nothing but the comforts of being at home.

The calming scent features the notes of tangerine, lemon, and the pleasant aroma of lavender. Then at the center or the heart, we have some of the fruity notes of orange, petitgrain, eucalyptus. And, finally, this scented candle finishes with the touch of vanilla and the rightful hints of spice.

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Lavender Scented Candles for Home

These lavender candles are one of the premium ones that you will find in the market. These are made with the help of the finest lavenders that one can find. Most of it has lavender fragrances that you will smell in the most expensive colognes.

That is why when they burn; they do not leave out any toxic residue. They provide a clean burn and thus provide a candle-burning experience that is not shady and nothing but classy. People are often worried about synthetic fragrance, but the smell of this one is truly one for the books. The air would still have the aromatic bliss of lavender even after the burn.

This is a heavenly match as it has the rightful touch of soy wax mixed in perfect proportions with essential plant essence. And, that is why there is no tension of lingering toxic residues. That is why they are often the main ones that you can use for the purpose of stress relief, to improve sleep, cleanse the overall ambiance, and thus so much more.

This lavender scented candle is made up of nothing but only what is natural. First of all, they have biodegradable soy wax with a hundred percent efficiency. It is also vegan, is cruelty-free, and paraben-free. This lavender scented candle is also laced with the self trimmed lead-free cotton fiber, which does not allow nor produce a toxic residue.

The burning time of this 7 oz clean-burning candle is about 50 hours. In this time, they promise nothing but warmth, healing, and a sense of comfort.

The jar designs are also sophisticated, to say the least. That is why it is a perfect present for your colleagues as well as dear friends this Christmas, or any other event!

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Scented Soy Aromatherapy Candle Lavender

Scent: Lavender

Theme: Floral

Color: White

This is one of the best choices for aromatherapy candles. It is made up of recyclable as well as biodegradable ingredients such as soy wax and vegetable wax. Thus you can say that it is a lavender soy candle. The wick of this soy wax candle is not only nonmetal; it is also free of any lead presence and thus offers a burning experience that is free of soot.

Furthermore, it is not made up of paraffin wax, so extra points there as well.

The floral scent of lavender is not only garden-fresh but is also clean and fresh and thus makes up for a perfect olfactory experience.

None of their products are tested on animals and are thus cruelty-free. While you are busy with your everyday chores, this lavender candle will give off a pure aroma and lift up your spirits. Just let it burn on either your table or in your dining rooms while you carry out your everyday chores; the experience will mesmerize you. The lavender scent blends with the aroma of freshly cut pine that gives off a fresh vibe that will soothe your sore muscles.

This lavender candle is free of any sort of lead. So, provides a clean-burning experience that lasts for about 35 hours. All the candles of this line are made from vegetable, cottonseed, and soy wax. It also has the right tones and medium hints of clove and cedar, which are responsible for the spiciness in the calming scent. And the other additions of aromas come from lowa pine. Nothing can beat this fresh-scented experience because it is one of the best ones.

Try a Lavender Candle Today!

So for all those who are still wondering whether they should go towards lavender essential oil for the experience of aromatherapy, then this one is for you people. The use of dried lavender with melted wax, natural wax for the purpose of candle wax, soy flakes, and a suitable candle wick will give you some of the best homemade lavender candles. Try to add all these above-mentioned essential elements but do not add paraffin as it creates a wax pool that is toxic. When it comes to lavender candles, the fragrance oil should be lavender oil.

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