Using Wax Melting Pots To Create Unique Candle Designs

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Looking for wax melting pots for candle making that are simple and easy to use? You choose the right gig because we guide you through all the necessary information. Let's go!

Candle making is an exciting activity and art. It requires a lot of patience and dedication to create beautiful candles with unique shapes or with your favorite fragrance oil. Today many candle makers have turned to wax melting pots. It's so much easier, safer, and cheaper than using open flames or hot plates – especially if you are a beginner. Wax melting pots are good to keep your wax melted so you can pour it into different molds easily.

If you are thinking about making your homemade candle with your signature fragrance oil, this article will help you choose the best wax melter for candle-making.

Let’s first understand what wax melting pots are?

Wax melting pots:

Wax melting pots are one of the essential pieces of candle making equipment for candle makers. If you're going to make some candles, then you need a wax pot to start the process.

However, there are different wax pots for various purposes, and it can be hard to know which will work best for your needs. That's why we have done extensive research into this topic so that you don't have to!

Melting wax may appear to be straightforward, but it is one of the riskiest elements of candle crafting. Hot wax is a fire danger if not handled correctly. That's why you should always use the highest-quality equipment to protect yourself.

wax melting pots; wax melting pot; candle pouring pot; boiler wax melter
Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

Wax melting pots and candle pouring pots – both are same!

Candle-making involves many steps, and melting your candle wax flakes is one of the most dangerous ones. It's very easy to burn yourself during this process if you don't use a pot specifically designed for the purpose.

A wax pot is a container where you can melt the wax before pouring it into different candle molds. Wax pots are made from various materials, such as stainless steel or enameled metal containers. Most of them have a handle, so you don't burn your hands while using them.

Candle wax pouring pots or boiler wax melting pots, which are specifically designed to melt wax for candles? You may ask!

Most people also get confused between candle pouring pots or wax melting pots. They think a melting pot is something specifically designed to melt wax for candles. And the pots that come with a spout ought to be used only for pouring the wax melt evenly and without any mess. However, this isn't the case – it's just a matter of preference!

You can choose a manual wax melting pot or an electric one. However, the electric ones are more expensive and usually used for bulk quantities. On the other hand, manual wax melting pots are cheaper and perfect for small quantities.

Electric candle pouring pots have built-in features that make them easier and safer to use (such as automatic pour spouts). But, electric wax melting pots are often better for industrial uses because they can be heated up much quicker and are easier to use when pouring out the melted wax.

Beware! Wax melting pots and candle warmers aren't the same.

Wax melting pots is a term that is often used to refer to both open pots and closed pouring pots. An open pot is just that – an open-bottomed, round bowl made of durable material. They are designed to be safe for candle making at home because you will need to stir the wax melt when melting it down continually. Wax melters for candle making come in all shapes and sizes.

wax melting pots; wax melting pot; candle pouring pot; boiler wax melter; wax warmer; wax melter
(A Wax Warmer) Photographer: Mindaugas Norvilas | Source: Unsplash

On the other hand, A wax warmer is a specific type of wax pot that is specifically designed to heat your candle melts and not for melting down blocks of paraffin wax.

Wax melting pots are used mainly by professional candle makers, but they can also be great if you want a more hands-off approach when making candles at home (no need to keep an eye on the wax when you are making candles).

Whereas wax melt warmers require electricity, so you can't use them outdoors or in a place without a power supply.

Uses of wax melting pots:

Although candle-making is an exciting activity, it can be a little difficult if you don't have the proper equipment. The most important among all is the wax melter for candle making.

Wax melting pots can be used for candle making and soap making. Basically, melting pots are made of different materials such as stainless steel or aluminum, so they can help in melting wax quickly without burning the material on which it is being melted.

How wax melting pots work for candle making

One of the questions that people might want to ask is, "how do wax melting pots work?" This can depend on which type you use. Candle-pouring pots are pretty simple – they have an electric or gas burner underneath and then pour spouts at the top (you will need two of these). A metal plate or hot plate at the bottom, which in turn melts down all of your melted candles!

If you are trying to use a double boiler wax melter, you will need two pots.

One pot is for the wax, and one pot contains water – so it's called a "double boiler" method.

This way, your candle material won't burn because the heat is indirect! In this method, you put a wax melting pot over the water pot and put your wax with fragrance oil inside the candle-making pouring pot for making a perfect candle. You can maintain a proper temperature without any hassle. Make sure to keep a paper towel around you to hold the water pot.

wax melting pots; wax melting pot; candle pouring pot; boiler wax melter; wax warmer; wax melter
Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

Calculating the quantity of wax for a candle

To make a perfect candle, you will need wax in the form of chips or melted wax pellets. However, it is essential to calculate how much wax you will need for your candles.

The easiest way would be to measure the height and circumference of the candle you want to create (in centimeters or inches) then multiply these two numbers together.

This will give you a rough estimation of how many grams of soy wax chips or melted wax pellets you will need to create your perfect candle. You can keep leftover wax safe for a long time.

However, if you are a beginner, it is best not to buy too much soy wax or other types of wax at once – this way, you can experiment with different types of candles and see what works for you!

Container candles require more wax, fragrance oil or scent, and strong wick.

Melt Time depends on wax melting pots.

It depends on the type of wax melting pot you choose and how many wax pellets/chips you want to use. Your candle pot needs to have good heat conductivity properties because this means it will melt your candles evenly and quickly without burning them!

If your candle pouring pot or boiler wax melting pot is made of aluminum, it will melt the wax quickly and evenly. However, if it's made from cast iron, steel, or stainless steel, then it will take a bit more time for the wax to melt.

Benefits of using wax melting pots:

There are many benefits of using a wax melting pot when making candles.

  • It is essential to use a wax melting pot designed explicitly for candle-making instead of other household objects, such as pots and pans. Using the wrong type of pot or pan can lead to disaster, as the wax temperature required to melt wax can be much higher than what is typically used for cooking food.
  • In addition, using a wax melting pot specifically designed for candle making will help ensure that the temperature of the wax remains consistent, which is essential when creating candles with cotton wicks.
  • Another benefit of using a wax melting pot is that it allows you to control the amount of wax you are melting, which is helpful when trying to create candles in smaller batches.
  • Pouring candle-making pots with a handle helps hold the wicks while pouring your melted wax into molds for creating votive or tea-light candles.

Melting candle wax in a hair removing wax melting pot -A big NO!!!

Sometimes people want to save money and use their hair removal wax melting pots instead of buying wax melters for making candles. However, this is not advisable because using a wax melting pot can be dangerous for candle-making.

In our opinion, you must not try to melt wax in a hair removal pot. When trying to make candles, your wax melting pot must have good heat conductivity properties. This means aluminum candle pots are the best for making scented candles (and reusing old ones) because this material heats evenly and quickly without burning the candle material!

Choosing the best wax melting pot for candle making

When choosing which type of wax melting pot is the right one for your needs, consider factors like costs, convenience, and safety features.


The first factor to consider is convenience. Some wax melting pots are designed for specific purposes, such as pouring pots or boiling pots. A basic pot may be more convenient if you only occasionally make candles. However, for making candles with essential oils in bulk, you may need an electric wax melter.

Safety features

Another factor to consider is safety features. Some wax pouring pitchers are safer than others due to their ability to automatically shut off when the temperature reaches a certain level of experience.

Any other changes in conditions could lead them to overheat or go above safe levels. You must think about a wax melting pot with a timer in case you need to walk away from your work. In case of manual pots, it is advisable to use a pot with a long heat-resistant handle so that you can avoid getting too close to the heat and risking burns.


Finally, consider the cost. Some wax pots are more expensive than others for a variety of reasons. Higher quality wax melting pots have better safety features and are made from materials less likely to melt or rust. If you plan on using your wax melting pot frequently, it may be worth investing in a higher-quality model.

Although there is a huge variety of wax pots on the market, not all are created equal. Unfortunately, a few brands made melting pots with dangerous flaws such as lack of insulation or even soldering problems that can cause an electric shock when you use them next to the water!

Now that we've covered some of the criteria to consider when selecting a wax melting pot. Let's look at five specific pots and their pros and cons.

Choosing the best wax melting pot for candle making

EricX Light Candle Making Pouring Pot

This EricX Light Candle Making Pot is the best wax melting pot for scented oil candles because it's made of pure aluminum, which means you can use this type of wax pouring pitcher or boiler with any wax (even old ones).

This pouring pot can hold up to four pounds of wax which means you can make bigger batches. This is perfect if you have a larger family or sell your candles at fairs!

The best thing about the EricX Candle-making Pot Melting Warmer is that there are no seams anywhere – this ensures safety because they won't leak and makes life a lot easier for cleaning.

The pouring spout has a high pouring rate which means it will make your candle pouring process quick and easy – no more spilling on the sides of containers. And no more having to wait until the wax temperature drops down to melting before you can actually pour them!

You'll also love that this pot's handle stays cool even after hours of use which means you won't burn yourself by accident!

Overall, the EricX Candle making Pot Melting Warmer is perfect for candle makers who want to make the process as easy and fast as possible! It's also one of the best paraffin wax melting pots you can buy because it has many features useful in your candle-making process.


Aluminum construction makes it the perfect choice for candle making.

Heat-resistant handle.

It can hold a large batch of candles.


This is not a good fit for an induction stovetop.

Wax Melter for Soy Candle Making – by SOYLITE CANDLES

The Wax Melter Candle Pot is the best wax melting pot for small candle-making businesses to make large batches of candles at a time. This type of candle-making pouring pot can hold up to six gallons (which means you'll be able to pour multiple times). Moreover, it has an easy-pour valve which makes things safer, faster, and cleaner!

It has many incredible features that will make it stand out from the crowd. The handle is cool to the touch, which means you won't burn yourself by accident – this is particularly useful if you're making candles in bulk.

This super fast melter can work better with soy wax, beeswax, paraffin than any other wax melting pot! It has a non-stick coating inside, so cleaning the pot will be easy.

It also has a large spout with a Nickel coating. The large spout makes pouring safe without spilling, so you won't have any problems pouring your candle mixture! A clear glass lid is also included that allows you to monitor your wax as it melts!

Overall, the Wax Melter Candle Pot makes for an excellent choice because of its high-quality design, which ensures safety and convenience.


Its wax melting capacity is up to six gallons.

The handle stays cool even after hours of use.


The fixture is too high; it'll take some effort to tip it over.

Not dishwasher safe, you need to hand wash it carefully using lukewarm water and mild soap immediately after every use.

TOKSEO Candle Making Pouring Pot

This TOKSEO wax pouring pitcher is an excellent choice for people who prefer candle pouring pots. The best part about this pouring pot is that it can hold up to four pounds of wax -great for larger batches!

It also has a seamless aluminum construction with a heat-resisting handle, making it safe to use and durable. With a dripless pouring spout, you can pour your candle mixture smoothly and safely while avoiding spills. Also, the smooth surface makes it easy to clean after each use!

The spout has a high pouring rate, so you won't have to wait until all of the wax is melted before you can pour them!

This wax melting pouring pot comes with two mixing tools, five candle wicks, and one trivet mat, which is particularly useful if you're just starting candle making.

The heat-resistant handle ensures you don't burn your hand by accident when making candles in bulk. Overall, it's one of the best candle pouring pots you can find on the market.


User-friendly design.

Dripless spout ensures smooth and spill-free pouring.

Durable and construction which makes it last for years without breaking down.


It doesn't have a measurement scale on the side.

PerfiReal Candle Making Pouring Pot Kit

The wax melting pot of this kit is one of the finest candle- pouring pots because of its user-friendly design. The best part about this pouring pot kit is that you can use it for small batches of candles without any problems!

This candle making equipment kit includes a pouring pitcher that can hold two pounds of melted wax. The double boiler pot is made of stainless steel and has an enorgomic design which means it won't rust or break down even after years of use.

Large pouring spout ensures safe and smooth pouring, while a heat-resistant handle makes the whole experience comfortable for you! Moreover, this pot is very easy to clean using a damp cloth regularly to ensure its long life span.

Overall, if you want to make a two-color candle, this is a perfect choice.


Easy to use and handle even with one hand.

Dripless spout.

Heat resistant handle.

Suitable to make two-colored candles.


The pot doesn't have a measurement scale on the side, so be careful when pouring your candle mixture.

Gateway Wax Melter for Candle Making:

The last wax melting pot on our list is one of the finest candle making pots that you can find on the market. It has all the features suitable for beginners and experienced people who regularly make candles in bulk!

The perfect capacity to hold 17 pounds of melted wax means this pot is ideal for large batches of candles. With a quick-pour spout, you can easily pour the hot wax from this pot without making a mess.

This stainless steel melting pot is versatile in its uses; it is suitable for both candle-making and soap-making. It also has a heat-resistant handle that ensures wax melting at the proper temperature.

This electric wax melting pot comes with an attached thermostat, which will heat the wax to your desired temperature! It also has an attached power cord, making it very easy for you to plug in and use.


Suitable for beginners as well as experienced candle makers.

Quick-pour spout ensures smooth pouring without any spills or messes.

Strong construction with stainless steel material that lasts for years without breaking.


The included washers (metal and rubber) were too thick to fit in between the spout fixture ends.

Bottomline Recommendation

Candle crafting is one of the most popular arts and crafts in today's world. Using wax melting pots is an easy and safe way to give you beautiful candles for your home decoration! The best part about candle making with a wax pouring pot is that it doesn't require much technical knowledge. You have to follow the instructions carefully, pour your mixture into containers, wait for your candle to get hardened, and then you are done!

Make sure that the wax melting pot of your choice is durable, easy to use, and melts down quickly. We recommend any of these five candles making pouring pots because they have all the qualities that make it a great purchase in this competitive market.

If you want to choose a manual wax melting pot, then EricX Light Candle Making Pouring Pot or TOKSEO pitcher is the best choice for you. Both have aluminum construction with a heat-resistant handle which makes them suitable for beginners as well as experienced people.

However, if you want to choose an electric wax melting pot, go with stainless steel Soylite Wax Melter. It is ideal for a smaller batch of candles. In contrast, DIY Gateway wax melting pots are suitable for making candles in bulk. And they also come with a quick-pour spout which makes it easy for you to pour the hot wax in your molding containers without any mess!

Last but not least, we recommend the PerfiReal candle-making kit that includes a wax melting pitcher and double boiler for making larger batches of candles. Overall, it's a complete package for beginners as well as experienced candle makers!

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