Candle Wick Guide For Beginners: How To Choose & Use Them

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House ambiance. These are not just two words but a full-fledged feeling. Most of the time, people are highly sensitive regarding their house atmosphere and thus want nothing but the best. Air fresheners are the latest way to ooze up the overall vibe of the house, but they are not the ultimate scene stealers. What is the one thing that has been used for centuries, is highly cost-effective, and can lift the ambiance at any time. Think Think! Scented candles… Bingo!!! And to help you choose the right candle with the appropriate candle wick is the whole point of this candle wick guide.

Scented candles are hands down one of the cheapest ways to bring up the overall sense of house. They also bring just the right amount of light inside the house that does not only allow you to relax but provide peace of mind at the same time.

Thus make sure to invest in these candles because when it comes to your house decor, you cannot, and we definitely do not recommend you to give up.

We can dive into the details of the best candle wick guide for your later. Let us first discuss the many benefits of scented candles that are equally surprising as well as amazing.

1. The Calm Atmosphere

You might have also witnessed that when people go to yoga or therapies session, there is a long line of candles that are lightning around. Or if you haven’t had a first-hand experience with this, you must have seen it in a horror movie somewhere. Well, not to scare you off, but the presence of candles around the house, especially in these yoga practices, solidifies that they are the reason for a peaceful atmosphere.

The amount of light is right, and so is the fragrance. The scent soothes you, and you can actually feel your everyday tense routine slipping away.

To enjoy the perks of this at home, you just have to lower the hanging lights and light a bunch of candles. It is a great way of home decor and an excellent one to soothe your tensed muscles.

2. Scented Solution

Ok, so there is a word for it, and even though it might sound fancy, it is a real one. Aromatherapy is when you light a candle you inhale its scent. This awakes positive feelings inside your mind and makes sure that you get rid of the negative ones.

Let us make this clear with an example. If you try to use lavender oil in your candle wick, you can enjoy the magic of a healing scent. While on the other hand, the scents of citrus in candles beeswax can give a sense of alertness and can make you high on energy.

What most people don’t know is Aromatherapy has been proven to increase the focus of a person, and you can sleep peacefully at night. Whatever is the aroma that you are craving, you can make it with a sole or a combination of fragrance oils.

Try to be as creative as you can!

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3. Creative Décor

So how many candles are too many candles??? If we are to talk about it, honestly, candles go with anything. Whether your house has an upbeat urban vibe or you have an antique style going on. Scented candles go with it all. To all those weird spaces that are left for no reason on the side tables or top shelves, add pillar candles to these places, and voila, you have just outdone yourself.

You can add the size of the candle that you like. You can change its direction accordingly or can choose from a variety of scents. When the container candles have burned down all the candle wax, you can redo them into something else. Make it a place for your always roaming around brushes or a place to keep your pencils intact. Your choice!

4. Focus Issues Are Solved For Once And For All

For all those who have tried meditation before, you all are aware of the fact that it is not easy to put your focus on one thing at a time when you undergo a busy routine. This is where these candles come into play. Light a scented candle, and then you can enjoy the full focus on a single point. Make sure to add the fragrance oil that you like, and then remember to place it at a place where no one else can touch it and where the flames are at bay!

So let us say this out loud so that the people at the back can also hear; if you are meditating without a candle, try to add a candle next time and feel the difference for yourself.

5. Memory Booster

Well, what most people do not give these things credit for is that candles and their aroma, apart from being extremely pleasing, are also a great way to best up the memory. Just a whiff of the scent and a look at the radiating light can take you back to the time that you might have spent in your childhood in a base camp.

Thus if you happen to burn a highly distinctive smell during one of the most important events in your life, then all the memories will rush at your door when you happen to be in the presence of that candle aroma.

Choosing the appropriate candle wick-The most important things in the candle wick guide

What most people don’t realize is that choosing the right appropriate and suitable candle wick is the whole point of the aromatic experience. We can even safely claim that the rest of things don’t even matter if you haven’t paid attention to this part.

So let us give you quick notes in this candle wick guide so that you can become a master of this craft. The most important things while choosing the right candle wick are as follows:

1. Proper and consistent flame experience

2. An overall even melt pool across the diameter of the candle

3. A safe experience with moderate temperature

4. No soot during the burning process; thus, a smoke-free experience

5. A long candle life that is it burns for a longer time

6. Small and pollutant-free flame

7. A non-toxic as well as clean burn

Thus we can conclude this by saying that a person can enjoy a million things, but the candle wick size chart is the one thing that matters the most in this case. Everyone wants a strong ambiance performance without the hassle of smoke, soot, and toxins; that is why we will continue to share our perspectives with you in this candle wick guide so that you can update your information accordingly.

candle wick; candle wick guide; candle wick size chart;
Photographer: Joanna Kosinska | Source: Unsplash

Candle Wick Guide-An Overview

For all those scrolling down on web pages to figure out the best candle wick guide, let us present to you some of the features that you need to keep an eye on in this regard.

For all those who think that it is only the size of the candle wick that matters, well, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are a number of other things that are equally responsible so that you can have the best experience with candles. Intrigued right!!!!

So without further ado, let us discuss the things that are important in this manner.

1. Diameter of the Candle

This is one of the most important things that should be known by the general public before they are out there shopping for their candle wicks. This is also one of the easy steps in this wick selection process. You just have to keep a ruler in your pocket with which you can efficiently measure the details that are vital and important.

2. Aroma and Color

Now, this is a second thing that is important in the candle making process. It’s just like that phrase that the more sugar that you add, the sweeter it will be. So the added fragrance oil and aroma are what decide the overall thickness of your candlewick. Thus make sure to pay attention to this factor as it is also essential.

3. Types of Candle Wax

This is an integral and important part of the whole series of steps that should not be ignored under any circumstance. The melting point, as well as the density of each candle, varies depending upon the type of candle wax that has been used in it.

You can choose from soy wax, beeswax, coconut wax, palm wax, gel wax, or any other kind of vegetable wax or wax blend. Wax blends are usually made by blending one or other type of natural wax with paraffin.

Most candle makers use cotton wicks with soy wax candles and coconut wax candles. Some use multiple wicks in their large-sized container candles.

Make sure to conduct proper research on this purpose and then go out to the market to choose the best possible one for you.

4. Candle Burn Time

This is the last part of the whole candle wick guide. You have to give proper thought to this one so that you can enjoy the perks of it for a longer time. Soy wax is a type of wax that burns for longer house and that too at a slow rate rather than a paraffin wax and thus a thick wick is not needed in this case.

But if you’re going to burn the candle in short intervals, then you should try to purchase a wick that is relatively thick. There's a wide range of wicks you can choose from; cored wick, eco wick, flat wick, square wick, etc.

Now let us shift our focus from this debate and shift our focus to the best possible wicks for beeswax candles as well as soy wax candles.

Happy reading!!!!

● ECO Candle Wick

Eco wick can be easily described as without a core flat braid that is intricate with 100% organic cotton and paper fibers that provide the right amount of strength and power. Moreover, the additional aspects of these candle wicks are that they are both self-trimming and provide a clean burning experience. The mushrooming process is minimized, and the burn is clean; what else is needed!

Furthermore, these are an excellent piece of choice for those candles which have a low melting point. They are adequately coated with soy wax so that the customer can enjoy a properly luxurious experience. All of these eco wicks come with wick tabs.

EricX Light 100 Piece 8-inch Soy Wax Candle Wick, Cotton & Paper Interwoven core, Large

For candle making, a candle DIY pack of these wonderful eco wicks is the best possible choice. Use them for soy pillars as well as jar candles which are up to 7 inches and have a height of a mason candle jar.

Eco 8 – Natural Cotton Candle Wick 6" – 100pk.

It is the best choice for proper wax blends and those soy containers which have a diameter of 2 and a half to 3 and a half. Remember, they should not be longer than 5 inches tall.

● Hemp Candle Wicks

So this one is in the name. Hemp, biodegradability, non-toxic… Well, this one has pure 100% of the hemp content. This means it is environmentally safe, high on the biodegradability chart, and of course, safe.

Either you choose to buy them pre-tabbed, or you want to spool the heart way these can make up the whole candle burning experience for you. In light of a personal experience, pre-tabbed are the best possible wicks for beeswax candles. Make sure to give it a try today.

EricX Light Organic Hemp Candle Wicks -100 Piece 8" Pre-Waxed by 100% Beeswax & Tabbed

For candles that are more than 7 inches in height, these are the best hemp candle wick that will suit your beeswax candles.

23 Bees 100% Organic Hemp Candle Wick

These wicks are coated with 100 % organic beeswax and are 2.0mm Thick. Each pack contains 200pcs of 200 ft European Imported Hemp spool and wick sustainer tabs for candle making.

If you choose the above-mentioned one then you can choose the hemp wick according to your own choice.

● Flat LX Candle Wicks

Do not think that if they are braided in natural cotton threads, they won’t have a flat finish – because they do. They have minimized the factor of mushrooming the candles so you can enjoy the long-lasting luxury of consistent burning and flame. Furthermore, all of these candle wicks are coated with natural soy wax are 100% biodegradable. And, also it is free of any type of environmental pollutants.

You can enjoy the best candle wicks for your wax blends that have a diameter of 2 to 3 inches. But, remember, they should not be longer than 5 inches tall.

● Wood Wicks

If you want the best possible experience of nature being close to your doorstep, try using wood wicks. Burning a wooden wick will create an atmosphere that will make infinite crackling and bring back the cozy memories of camping in childhood. You can use them with great comfort because you do not have to pre-wax them.

Candle Wick Guide – Wick Size Chart

After covering the basics about wicks, now is the right time to discuss the confirm the candle wick size chart that is appropriate for your candle and home ambiance. So let us discuss these now.

Candle wick size chart for soy candles

It is important to realize that you have to find the right candle wick for your soy wax candles yourself. Do proper research and make sure that you keep all the needed things in your own mind.

Wooden wick size chart

Try to put two wood wicks in a small container or votive candle for the best possible experience of a crackling sound and a great burn time.

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Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

Beeswax wick size chart

Well, after thorough research, this fact is cemented that candle wicks are the most important thing that you need to cater to. The wick selection process for beeswax candles depends heavily on the beeswax that you choose. This will impact the wick burn time; thus, we recommend you do your research.

What to know if you are using the wrong candle wick?

If you are not using the right candle wick, you are causing many problems for yourself. Here are some of the and tips that you need to keep in mind in this context.

1. The problem of self-extinguishing

If the candle wick just extinguishes itself and thus fails to burn, you might be facing one of the two issues:

● Either the candle wick is short and highly thin.

● The fragrance level of the candle is very high.

2. Mushrooming

The candle wick splits into two and thus affects the burning process.

● Make sure to choose a thin wick.

● Try to thin out the wick; this will remove excess buildup.

3. Excessive flickering

If there is one wick that does produce soot or smoke, it is a wooden wick. But in other scenarios, this condition is caused by:

● When the candle is thick, and the size of the wood wick is thin.

4. Tunneling problems

This problem arises when the candle does not melt properly, and the scent is extremely weak. When the candle is lit for a small period of time, make sure to burn the candle at a 4-hour interval.

● The wick is thin, and not enough melting pool is created.

Wrapping it up!

Candlewick and the choice of making it right is one of the most important decisions related to the home ambiance. This is the one thing that can either make or break your candle! Thus make sure you are all up for experimenting and try to have as much patience as you can. Learn properly about it and be thorough in the process.

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