A Christmas Tree Candle That Will Make Anyone Happy

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Olfactory stimulation is a phenomenon in which people associate the most important life moments with the sense of smell. So whenever you are in the near vicinity of that aroma, you are transported back to that one moment from where it all commenced. So when we are talking about olfactory stimulation, nothing highlights this topic better than the soothing aroma of candles. While we are on the topic of winters, what is the one thing that is aligned with this season? Jingle bells…..Yes, a Christmas tree candle.

Christmas is one of the most joyous holidays that is celebrated worldwide. So when the holiday comes, the responsibility of proper decorations and of course comes the right home ambiance experience. And thus enters the right dose of candle scents.

Christmas tree candle; Christmas tree scented candle; pine scented candle; balsam fir scented candle
Photo by Laura James from Pexels

That is why today, we are trying to take you on a Christmas memory lane that also entails recollection and once in a lifetime experience.

Popular Christmas Tree Candle Scents

Some of the best and top-rated Christmas tree candle scents that you need to know about are listed below:

Balsam Fir

This one tops every list of fragrances that makes Christmas lovely and an affair to remember. They are not only durable but are also short and flat and have dark forest green needles. This scent is a must in Christmas candle scents.

But one problem that they might face is that they get dry so quickly. So you have to keep a special eye on the water levels.

Another added tip on the iceberg is that these balsam trees were used heavily for the treatment of wounds of soldiers during the civil war.

Douglas Fir remember

This one is a variety because of its conical shape and fullness. They are a great addition to your rooms and thus make them look complete. Furthermore, douglas fir is known for its needles which are flat as well as soft but do have a blunt tip.

Douglas fir is a common scent that is a major ingredient of most Christmas tree candle scents.

Fraser Fir

Fraser fir holds a reputable status in the world of Christmas trees because of its fir needle. They possess a special dark green color which is true to the forest vibes. The silver color rest peacefully under the lush green spikes. Branches are proudly covered and a little bit upward. This allows them to hold the ornaments as well, which is another thing to rave about.

They are also known for lasting for almost 6 weeks, and they also tend to stay in shape.

Scotch Pine

Another worthy addition on the list is this one who really sheds its needles. Scotch pine also has a refreshing ability because they retain lots of water. These widely planted pine trees all over the USA have sturdy branches that are well-known for handling the ornaments you might want to add to your trees.

Colorado Blue Spruce

A tree that is evergreen but boats a rich tone of blue that can even make the skies blush. As it rarely sheds its needles, it is a fan favorite and most usually bought Christmas tree. A perfect shape, sturdy branches, and awesome ornament holding abilities make this one a charmer.

Does balsam smell like pine?

People who are frequent with this whole experience tend to get more curious about this than the ones who are just mere spectators.

The balsam fir is far more acknowledged because of its sweet aroma than the silver fir. Cedar, just like spruce, is a far more rich fragrance but the main difference between spruce and pine is that pine is far rawer while spruce has a softer side to it.

Christmas tree candle; Christmas tree scented candle; pine scented candle; balsam fir scented candle
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

The DIY Experience of making a Christmas tree candle

For all those who are searching for how to make your own Christmas tree candle, this one basic guideline is for you.

One of the most powerful human senses is the sense of smell. Smell touches all the right chords of nostalgia. It can even make you hungry even when you don’t have an appetite. The smell is also the same factor that brings a soothing experience after a long tiring day outside. And it is also the best Christmas gift for your loved ones.

So, today we will be giving you major guidelines about what you need if you want to do it yourself because it is in the trend.

How to Make Homemade Christmas Tree Candles, you ask?

Some of the key elements and ingredients that will be needed are as follows:

  1. Soy wax, pure beeswax, and paraffin 2 kg
  2. Thermometer
  3. Spray oils
  4. Hairdryer
  5. Wicks
  6. Candle molds (tins, pots, glass jars)
  7. Double boiler
  8. Scented, essential oils

Steps to Make DIY Christmas tree candle

  • Grate the wax and paraffin.
  • Boil some water in the boiler.
  • Set a heatproof bowl on the top.
  • Try to add wax to the boiler.
  • Make sure to stir it evenly.
  • Try to keep the temperature under 90 degrees centigrade.
  • After the wax has melted, make sure to add your desired essential oil.
  • Carefully stir it for a while, and then set it aside.

Preparation of the Mold

  • Spray a little oil.
  • Add the wick by hanging it on a pencil so that it stays vertically.
  • Now pour the wax approximately 2cm from the top.
  • Dispel the air bubbles with the help of a hairdryer.
  • Smooth out the top.
  • Cut off the wick.
  • Make sure to leave out the candle for 24 hours before you remove the mold.

You can follow these above guidelines if you want to make your own and try as many risky color combinations as you might want.

Christmas tree candle; Christmas tree scented candle; pine scented candle; balsam fir scented candle
Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) from Pexels

Christmas Tree Candle Scents; The Winter Scents That You Need to Stock on

If you don’t want to make your candle at home, then no judgment! We are providing you with a list of Christmas tree candle scents and related products that you can choose from so that you can keep the holiday spirit alive.

So make sure to stick with us and enjoy reading and of course then shopping.

White Barn Bath & Body Works Into The Night Candle Holiday 3 Wick Scented Candles

If there is one scent that is timeless, full of zest, is highly exquisite, and, of course, is a prominent Christmas tree candle scent, it is this one.

Into the night is feminine when it’s needed and has the perfect notes of rich scent that provides you a classy olfactory experience. A perfect harmony of dark berries, toed with midnight jasmine and of course the presence of rich amber, this scent has it all.

You can easily say that this is one of the best Christmas tree-scented candles at the current moment.

This one scent has it all, the confidence of a new dress, the buzz of attention and is one scent that you can carry, of course, all night long.

The breakdown of this luxury scent is as follows:

Dark Berries; fruits that are rich in essence and thus provide a right and authentic balance between what will always stay engraved in time and, of course, the modern era.

Midnight Jasmine; a scent that oozes confidence because it thrives with an olfactory experience that is night-blooming floral and is equal parts mysterious.

Rich Amber; amber for the right feeling of authenticity and, of course, a touch that has an alluring warmth to it that stays with you all night long.

This is the best possible collection you will ever get that has everything you can ever think about:

  • Lotions
  • Candles
  • Body washes
  • Fine fragrances
  • Mists
  • Body washes

You can also try this one during travels because guess what? These Christmas tree scented candles come in mini versions also. Furthermore, they are one of the best Christmas gifts.

Yankee Candle – Large Jar Candle Balsam & Cedar

A perfect candidate this holiday season, which is one of the best Christmas tree scented candles. This is what forest in a bottle smells like, and that is what you can get if you ever try this aromatic blend of balsam, cedar, and juniper berry.

Yankee balsam and cedar scents bring a spicy aroma to your holiday decor because of their key specific elements, and this is what you should get your hand on.

With a burning time of up to 110-150 hours, this one is unique, classy, and all things magical. The burn time is also one to account for.

This pine candle scent makes the visitors feel at home, and you can reminisce about the childhood memories of vacations that are laced with love, life, and peals of laughter. A great gift indeed and, of course, a potential candidate for your coffee table.

The aromatic breakdown is for the books:

Balsam; for bringing the joy of forest green in your home space

Cedarwood; healing aroma to make you feel like you are embraced by a loved one

Juniper berry; an aromatic scent that is rich and spicy so that the whole mood of the space can live up

All this comes in a heavy-duty glass outer core along with an enclosed lid. It is also available in 4 sizes and is sold separately; a large 2 wick tumbler, large jar, medium jar, and of course, a medium perfect pillar. With paraffin wax, you can enjoy the aromatic Christmas tree candle scent for a longer period of time.

Limited-edition Pine Tree candle 190g

One of the most precious and sought-after scents of the twenty-first century, this one is for all the admirers out there.

An aromatic experience that is overwhelming and full of fresh pine candles scent is one for all the coming ages.

Topped with real gold and a deep green forest color that brings the feel of Christmas altogether. Furthermore, the fragrances of pines bring all the feels of mountain heights and being in harmony with nature. It comes with a stylish golden lid that protects the olfactory sentiment and makes the whole experience shine brighter.

Are you reminiscing about the good old days of bonfires? Why not try this scent as it brings the rich experience of those youthful days one step closer to you.

Furthermore, this refreshing Christmas tree candle scent evokes the smell of nature that is deeply rooted inside your mind. One of the best winter scents that are equal parts refreshing and allows you to rejoice in the best moments in life.

This festive blend smells just like a real Christmas tree, so added bonus there and is the best one for your candle holder.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia – 6.5oz Glass Candle Cedar Magnolia

A prominent and very difficult to ignore part of the Hearth and Hand fall collection is that fan-favorite Christmas tree candle scent that you also need to try.

This right and authentic blend of rich scents encapsulates the necessary emotions of Christmas and thus becomes something that should be a part of your holiday decor collection.

It comes in glass jars, and when you run out of candle wax, you can just use the jar for other sorts of purposes.

You can either gift this fall scent or add it to your own collection of winter scents that you enjoy, and that can liven up your home ambiance.

A perfect candidate for your dinner tables or your dining rooms, this Christmas tree scented candle has a burning time of 110 hours that can make the whole experience more trouble-free.

In order to keep the wax protected and to ensure that a longer burning time is achieved, these candles come in brown-hued glass containers so that they can keep up with the overall rustic vibe of your house.

An ageless and classic combination of floral magnolia as well as cedar notes which remind you of woods, this burning candle presents you with a homey ambiance that is charming and inviting.

Christmas tree candle; Christmas tree scented candle; pine scented candle; balsam fir scented candle
Photo by monicore from Pexels

Capri Blue – Fir & Firewood Glass Jar Candle

This line of Christmas tree candle scents is one of the best to remind you that the holiday season is just around the corner. Become an active part of all the humming and street life and, of course, kindle bells with this festive aroma that is both classy and upbeat.

The vessels that contain these candle wax are both stylish and provide a contemporary touch to your house vibe. With the right balance of captivating visuals, as well as scents that are to die for, these pine candles scents are one to keep your eyes on.

The proper breakdown of these firs and firewood scents is as follows:

Apple; for the fruity aroma inside the house

Clove; for the rich and spicy texture

Fir; for the classic touch of rustic woods

Pine needle; well for the touch of the mountains

White birch, cedar, vetiver; all elements that provide a touch of a woodsy environment

Musk; all things rustic, woods, and natural


The most talked-about and always gracing the editor’s choice section, this one is also an amazing holiday scent that is true to the rightful spirits of vacation.

Making you feel safe inside the vicinity of your house, Frasier fir is a fabulous Christmas tree candle scent that will bring all the childhood memories back to your doorstep.

It brings the old-school charm with a promise of a tomorrow that is lovely and, of course, will be one to remember. Boasting a rich balance of Siberian fir needles, the heartfelt aroma of cedarwood, and of course, the lovely and healing freshness of sandalwood, this fragrance will feel like a hug on a cold crispy winter night.


A fragrance that will hit all the right notes and will make the overall experience of winters a memorable ride is this one.

This Christmas tree candle scent is not only highly aromatic but is clean, which means it does not produce soot and is also vegan, so that is another plus.

The keynotes of this audience's favorite scent have; balsam fir, winter spice, musk.

The culmination of all these scents just brings out the best when they are together, and thus it is inevitable for all of you to have it. When the balsam provides you a woodsy warmth and the touch of musk makes you reminisce about the old-world charm.

With a burning time of 55 hours, these candle scents are as charming as they can get. This scent will get you right in the festive mood. The best thing about these candle scents is that they are not only hand poured but are also placed inside reusable glass jars.

If you want to enjoy the feels of winter, make sure to get your hands on this fall scent because why not!

An additional plus point is that they look really well in your house. So there’s that also.


One for the books and a fan favorite autumn scent. This Christmas tree candle scent is equally invigorating as it is appealing. With the right keynotes of:

  • Blue spruce
  • Cedar
  • Citrus
  • Pine
  • Snow
  • Water
  • Wood

For an enriching experience of the dusty old wood forest, cinnamon, soy wax, and vanilla bloom, try this scent today. This woody scent is not in any way overwhelming because of the sheer and delicate balance of all the right notes that are primary for a hyped olfactory experience.

With soy wax which is the best wax candle, and a cotton wick, the clean-burning time is about 20 to 60 hours. A perk of this candle scent is that it is not only refreshing and upbeat but is also vegan.

The scent of musk and cedarwood provides the deep, dense forest vibes, which are topped off by the rightful aroma of citrus fruits, making an experience of upbeat fragrance.

Get your hands on this one because a refreshing white snowy tale of Christmas awaits you all!


This holiday season, why don’t you go out of your way and treat your olfactory senses in the right manner. The fragrance provides a calming sensation that will not only lift up your Christmas spirits but also provides a first-hand experience that stays parallel with your childhood memories.

The aroma is rich and quickly takes you all on a memory trip; that is why this fragrance experience is one that you should never ignore.

How do you make your fake Christmas tree candle smell real?

Given below are some that might actually work if you have bought a fake Christmas tree but wants the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree:

  • Try using diffusers or other types of scent machines.
  • Remember to burn incense, or you can also light up some candles.
  • Try using scented sticks.
  • Depending on the variety of pine cones, they will seal the deal.
  • Try to mix in fresh branches.

Your Christmas tree candle scent; Your Choice

Try to make good use of the above-mentioned information because we have compiled the combination of the best possible scent for you to try on. Make use of the right and authentic information because holidays should be celebrated in a manner that makes them all the more natural and authentic without the hassle of fewer distractions.

The scent is a basic human connection to many memorable occasions, and thus Christmas tree candle scents in the months of winters will provide you that solace that you have been craving for a long time.

Keep on experimenting with your scents, and don’t forget to thank us later.

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