Nest Candles That Make Your Home Smell Amazing

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Want to enliven your living room? NEST candles are the perfect way to add mood and ambiance to your living room while also adding warmth to any space. You'll feel like you're sitting on a cozy couch as soon as one of these beautiful creations dances its way onto your coffee table. With their long-burning luxury candles and out-of-this-world fragrances, the company changes your space for good.

NEST candles are not your average candles. They have been featured in many popular publications for their luxurious appearance and unique fragrances. Some of the names include Forbes, People, and New York Magazine. In this detailed review of NEST candles, we will take a look at the evolutionary brand history, their ingredients, amazing products, and discounts or promotions. This will help you decide if these expensive candles are worth the buy.

NEST candles are so expensive, but why?

The price tag was a mystery to me, my friends, and probably readers alike.

Many people have no idea how much their favorite brands cost or what goes into making them. I'd always tell people that NEST candles are a top-notch candle brand. They're made with high-quality ingredients, burn candles cleaner, and last much longer than any other type of candle on the market. That was an easy explanation, but it doesn't mean you have to pay top dollar for them without knowing if it is actually worth it?

But, what exactly makes NEST candles the luxury candle brand? I did my research, and here’s what I found about NEST candles.

These candles are more expensive than others because they have a prestigious brand name and use the fiNEST ingredients. These scented candles come with an extensive collection of complex fragrances to suit every mood, which makes them stand out from others on your shelf or in stores around town.

Topped off with fancier packaging, different sizes, and reasonable prices, NEST candles are undoubtedly one of the best candle brands on the market. NEST candles are the perfect way to enjoy modern-day luxury without breaking your bank. Read on to find out more about the brands and our top picks of NEST candles.

How expensive are NEST candles?

When compared to other luxury candle brands, the price of NEST candles is on the lower end. The brands’ candles are available in four different sizes: votive, classic, three-wick, and four-wick candles. The best thing about different sizes is that the price per ounce or per hour of burn time goes down when the jar size goes up.

  • Votive candles (2 oz.): 20 hours
  • Classic candle (8 oz):  50 hours
  • 3-wick candle (21 oz): 150 hours
  • 4-wick candle (76 oz): 350 hours

NEST candles are not just affordable, but they also stand out among the competition. The brand is best known for its creative designs that make your home feel like it has been professionally decorated by someone who knows what they're doing. All at an economical price! NEST candles are the best luxury candles you can get. They offer an array of scents to choose from, and they're less expensive than any other well-known luxury candle brands, including Jo Malone, Cire Trudon, or Diptyque.

So far, we have looked into why NEST candles are so expensive; we compared their prices to see whether they were worth the price or not. Even if you are already a fan of NEST candles, I'm sure you have a favorite, but hopefully, you can still benefit from this review. We will share a brief story of the company’s origin and some of our favorites with you if you have never tried a NEST candle before. Stay with us to the end of the blog.

A look back in time!

Is this the most innovative candle company in all of New York? I'm not sure. But Slatkin & Co. achieved near denomination status with their scents as well being among top-ranked in fragrance throw at a time when other brands were struggling for customers. Candle lovers may know about these trendsetters and how much people love their fine fragrance and scent throw- which were among some top-notch qualities.

Harry Slatkin and his wife Laura, the pioneers and a recognized force in the fragrance industry, need no introduction. The company's owners sold the fragrance company to L Brands inc. While Harry worked under that retailer's brand, Bath and Body Works, Laura branched off in 2008. She started her line of home scents, the NEST fragrances. The couple infused their fragrance knowledge and magic recipes into both candle brands that played a big part in improving their candles.

The launch of NEST Fragrances was a tremendous success, followed by NEST Fine Fragrances, the perfume collection, in 2013. Unlike mainstream fragrances, these artisanal brands offer customers authenticity and creativity in addition to uniqueness. And this is what has made them popular with those looking for something different from what they find on store shelves everywhere nowadays. The expansion continued, and finally, in 2019, Laura introduced scented body care products.

In a world of samey fragrances, NEST New York has found their difference. NEST Fragrances is where you can find the perfect scent for any mood. The company prides itself on the ability to create scents that captivate our senses with familiar yet exotic blends while surprising us at every turn. Thus, giving us truly one-of-a-kind experiences. NEST Fragrances are constantly innovating to provide the world with new and exciting scents. They want their customers to have an experience that goes far beyond scent.

The Good and Bad about NEST candles


  • Over 40 unique scents are available.
  • Four ways to enjoy NEST fragrances: perfume, candles, diffusers, and body care.
  • NEST candles also come in four different sizes: Votive, Classic, 3-wick, and 4-wick candles.
  • Candles incorporate soy wax and high-quality synthetic fragrances (Will discuss it next).
  • Stylish design and packaging.
  • Candles burn longer: up to 60 hours.
  • Candle votives come in thick, decorative glass.
  • NEST candles smell wonderful even when unlit.
  • The company offers a few available discounts (more on this later).
  • 10% of your purchase goes for Autism Awareness and Research in the “NEXT for Autism” program.
  • NEST is a member of the National Candle Association.


  • Some of the NEST candles are more expensive when compared to other brands.
  • International shipping isn’t available.
  • The candle wax incorporates paraffin for an exceptional scent throw.

Now that you learned all about the company’s history, and the good and bad about it, it’s time we explore the NEST candles themselves before heading to our round-up.

Let’s start with the obvious – The fanciest packaging of NEST candles.

The understated elegance of the NEST candle packaging will have you drawn in by how it emulates a luxurious fragrance. This is due in part to their creative designs and stitch patterns on every single product they sell. From the moment you pick up your NEST candle, it feels like sophistication is just around every corner – which might be why so many people crave them.

The first thing you’ll see when opening one of these boxes is an elegant yet unassuming candle jar. The NEST style shines through in its opulence and glow, which truly makes this product stand out from the crowd. It all looks luxurious, perfect for homes decorated by top-class interior designers.

This fancier packaging most definitely adds to the price tag of NEST candles, but it's not everything that counts. What else is there that makes these candles expensive?

The ingredients of NEST candles! How do they affect the price?

You wouldn't buy an expensive candle just because it looks fancy, would you? Smelling good gets some points, too!

The exact recipe of gorgeous-looking NEST scented candles is a proprietary trade secret. Meaning the company isn’t bound to disclose its complete list of ingredients. It does, however, sheds some light on the following aspects:


The candles are created with premium quality, food-grade paraffin wax base. This paraffin wax is FDA-approved for use in cosmetics, and other medical applications are non-toxic and burn candles cleanly and evenly.

Depending on the scented candle, the wax also incorporates other FDA-approved ingredients, which optimize its burn time and scent throw. The wax recipe NEST candles have refined over decades.

If you’re concerned about the use of paraffin wax and consequent soot production, then burning NEST candles produces only a negligible amount of soot that’s not harmful at all.


Being a pioneer and a master perfumer in the fragrance industry, Laura Slatkin, founder of NEST candles, has been very open about the use of the finest fragrance oils available on a perfumer’s palette. She believes they give off the strongest and long-lasting aroma and are safe to use.

Considering the high cost of fine fragrance oils and how difficult it is to make the scent last in wax, NEST candles aren't even more expensive than the actual cost and effort it takes to produce them.


NEST candles use all-natural cotton wicks with a paper core and braided cotton-paper wicks. Metal wicks or any type of metallic core are not used in the make-up of the wicks, so they are lead-free.

So are expensive NEST candles worth it?

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, one person will have purchased a NEST candle. That is quite an impressive statistic.

That is because NEST candles offer a full range of exquisite fragrances, spanning several categories: home fragrance, festive collection, wellness, perfumes, fragrance technology, and personal care.

The rush of expensive candle enjoyment is the same as other luxuries. It feels like a status thing, a huge affirmation that you're getting this luxurious product as opposed to some generic brand or store-bought item. Furthermore, having good stuff sometimes never hurts anyone.

Even though the search for a signature candle scent is long and hard, it's worth every minute of those tedious hours spent trying to find just the right fragrance. The best part? You don't have to be an aromatics expert or know how all these different scents mix together because we've got your back if you need a perfect home fragrance.

Here in this blog, we have selected the five best NEST scented candles for you.

3-Wick Pumpkin Chai Votive Candle, 2.0 oz:

nest new york classic scented candles; fall scented candle; autumn candle

The brand's first seasonal and bestselling fragrance, this 3-wick candle features a blend of wild pumpkin and spicy Masala chai with hints of cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon. Pumpkin Chai candle has got all the warm spices baked, in the right balance, with a creamy pumpkin fragrance that is just perfect for the season. The candle doesn't smell overpowering or synthetic.

The orange-colored blush wax reflects festivity. It fills the body of a sophisticated orange-tinted glass container that is embossed with stripes of transparent frost and metallic gold. This glass vase complements its surroundings with its excellent shape and modern impression.

NEST candles offer a new dimension to everyday entertaining and living using color, texture, and finest fragrance oils. The pumpkin chai scented candle is available in a votive jar and burns for 20 to 28 hours. Simply put, NEST’s Pumpkin Chai candle is autumn in a pretty votive glass that elevates the ambiance of your space to a whole new level.

Classic Candle- White Camellia, 8.1 oz:

nest candles; nest scented candles; large candle; nest fragrances;

If you're a floral fragrance fanatic, the NEST’s White Camellia classic candle is one for you! The fragrance notes feature a white floral bouquet of fresh camellias, wisteria, and Indonesian jasmines in blossom intertwined with fresh notes of white tea and amber.

The candle comes in a matte black box with light pink accents. The box has a wavy zig-zag, pink crosshatch design all around it. The sophisticated crystal vase and modern stripe etching of this pretty little 8 oz candle go well with any decor.

The candle contains a single wick and burns evenly for up to 60 hours, thus providing high value for money. Even though it is not available on the official website, you can still purchase it from online stores like Amazon and Nordstrom.

NEST x Gray Malin, Ocean Mist & Sea Salt Classic Candle, 21.2 oz:

nest candles; nest scented candles; large nest candle; fall scented candle; nest fragrances;

If I were to put it in a sentence, it’d go like “ bath of fresh seawater, a breath of salt air.”

This specialty Classic Candle takes you on St. Barths' sensory journey with Malin's immersive imagery brought to life by the exceptional scent of ocean mist and sea salt. The ocean mist enhances the refreshing essence of white tea, coconut, and sea salt. This 3-Wick Candle will transport you to your own private beachside retreat with every soothing breath.

When other brands try making beachy fragrances, they either end up smelling like cologne or overwhelmingly tropical, as if someone just spilled pina colada all over your house. But, the NEST Fragrances recipe does neither of those. It's a fresh fragrance that seems to sprinkle light coconut and sea salt notes that come and go on top of a vanilla-like base.

The candle is housed in a limited-edition, hand-blown glass vessel, making each one's blue striped design. The design is uniquely different for a work of art that can live on as a vase, vanity organizer, penholder, and more.

3-Wick Candle- Holiday, 21.2 oz:

scented candle; holiday candle; Christmas scented candle

This expertly crafted Nest Holiday Candle fills your home with a captivating scent that brings elegance to everyday living. They house this luxury decorative candle in a custom glass vessel with a festive gold pattern to complement any holiday décor.

With notes of pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves, and cinnamon, as well as a hint of vanilla and amber, this exquisitely scented candle creates an instant feeling of the holidays.

A large, three-wicked scented candle with a burn time of 75-100 hours and made from proprietary wax, which burns cleanly and fills your space with fragrance. The candle is an excellent addition to your home decor and aromatherapy.

NEST New York is also stirring toward a more sustainable future with biodegradable cartons made from ecologically sourced materials. Although NEST candles always look excellent, you don't even want the box to be damaged with this one.

And Nest Holiday candle is trendy with reviewers on Amazon. Customers write that the scent fills the room within a minute of lighting the candle. It smells great even when unlit.

NEST Fragrances Autumn Plum Classic Candle:

nest new york classic scented candles; fall scented candle; autumn candle

A candle as beautiful as it is delicious. This decorative Autumn Plum Classic Candle from NEST Fragrances is a fragrant gift for any occasion. This festive, fall-inspired candle is elegant and sumptuous, with notes of wild plum, cinnamon, patchouli leaf, and cashmere wood that will fill your space with a warm, inviting aroma.

The fragrance intensity and scent throw of this candle are what make it shine –  not overpowering at all. Burn this fall-scented candle and let the compliments pour in.

NEST candles are offering some exciting opportunities to avail discounts:

Still, think that NEST candles are expensive? The company has many ways to help you save your top dollars with discounts and free shipping.

  • When you subscribe to their newsletter, you get 15% off, plus get updates on any upcoming sale.
  • If you refer a friend, the company gives them $20 off their first purchase, and you’ll get $20 off on your next purchase.
  • You’re a student wanting to buy one of the NEST candles for your classmates or favorite teacher? Avail 15% student discount.
  • Get a chance to free shipping (in US only) on orders over $100.

Wrapping up the review:

Now that you know why the NEST candles are expensive and top picks of scented candles, here’s a summary based on the consumer experiences with NEST Fragrances candles.

  1. NEST candles last longer than other candles because they're made with higher-quality materials.
  2. Packaging that is modern, chic, and stylish has customers raving.
  3. The brand provides an incredible value for money with the candles because of their long-lasting and low burning rate and amazing discounts.

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