How to Make a Coffee Scented Candle

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coffee scented candle with coffee beans

If you are a coffee lover or you want to pull an all nighter, then you surely need a coffee scented candle at your place. If you don’t want a freshly brewed coffee, then having a coffee scented candle is a gentle way to perk yourself up. Smelling fresh coffee is a brain booster. Having these relaxing fragrances from the notes of cappuccino and mocha around you will make you relax and relieve you from headaches.

Additionally, these coffee scented candles help reduce your stress and improve regular sleep. Without even making coffee, you can enjoy the rich and luxurious coffee scents around you by having a coffee candle. Alternatively, you can make your whole house smell like coffee by simply lighting the candle and putting a few coffee beans on it. As the candle burns, it will give you a warm fragrance around your whole house. If you want to have a more intense fragrance in your home, you must melt the candle and add some coffee beans to the liquid candle.

What can you do with burnt coffee beans?

If your coffee beans are burnt, then you can use them as follows:

  • To clean your dishes.
  • As a skin scrub.
  • To keep pests away.
  • Mask odors.
  • To make decor items.
  • Making coffee scented candles

Coffee grounds benefits and their usage:

Coffee grounds are often an underrated substance but an effective one. You can make your house smell like coffee grounds. Coffee grounds can be used as a natural air freshener to absorb unwanted odors. You can make homemade coffee scented air freshener. For making this air freshener, you need ⅔ cup of whole or ground coffee bean, 2 tbsp of molasses, 2-3 cinnamon sticks, and 6 cups of filtered water.

If you want to make your place smell like a Starbucks coffee shop, you can use a handmade and coffee-scented soy candle. The coffee candle should be poured into a repurposed glass Starbucks ice coffee container.

You can also freshen your refrigerator by placing a dish of coffee grounds in it. To neutralize smells in the microwave, you have to combine 2 tbsp of coffee grounds with half a cup of water. Place this mixture in the oven and heat for less than a minute.

coffee scented candle in a coffee mug

Scent & taste of coffee:

The coffee scent can be written as nutty, herby, smoky, or Flowery. The coffee scented candles release flavorful compounds from coffee through the air. The freshly brewed coffee will have a stronger aroma than the older one. When the roast of coffee gets darker, more coffee compounds are changed and become detectable. The roasting of coffee makes the coffee aroma stronger. All the top attractive scents like spicy, fruity, floral, smoky, and sweet are hit by the unique scent of coffee.

The taste of coffee is sour, salty, bitter, or acidic. The smell and taste of coffee are closely linked. The olfactory nerves in the nose identify the smell, and the taste buds of the tongue identify the taste. Both senses communicate to the brain, which integrates the information to recognize and appreciate flavors.

DIY Essential oils for coffee scented candles:

If you want to make coffee essential oil, this can be derived from coffee beans through a cold-pressed distillation process. Coffee beans are, without a doubt, one of the best possible ways to entice coffee aroma inside your house that will make you happy and fresh.

The essential oil derived from this process smells just like a fresh cup of coffee. Potential health benefits are also gained from this essential oil. Furthermore, this (coffee) essential oil is packed with many ingredients and a wide range of antioxidants.

Coffee makes a wonderful pair by adding one or two drops of natural essential oils. Some of the best scented oils to add to coffee are lavender, peppermint, spearmint, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon bark, and orange.

Coffee grounds in coffee scented candles:

To make ground coffee safe in candles, you have to follow some instructions carefully. If you use the whole coffee bean, you must keep it away from the burning wicks. Direct flame contact can burn coffee beans.

Coffee Scented Candle as a gift:

Beautifully scented candles make a great tempting gift. But most of the time, it is never used and put in the drawer. The best approach for selecting a gift is to keep in mind the choice of the gift receiver. You can give these homemade coffee scented candles to any coffee lover or candle lover.

If you want to accompany any item with a candle gift, you can buy a scented soap or bath oil. Any inexpensive decoration, candle stand, small designer products, or jewelry are also good options.

Making of coffee scented candles: step by step guide

If you are an art-loving person and very much excited to make a homemade coffee candle, the procedure is just given below. But before discussing the steps to make a homemade coffee scented soy wax candle, you should arrange all the essential elements for candle making.

Essential elements to make coffee scented candles:

Given below is the list of essential elements of candle-making. You can easily buy all the essentials for coffee-scented candles from nearby stores or online.

Candle wax: Soy wax flakes or any other wax type. Working with soy wax flakes is easy relative to other types of waxes.

Coffee essential oil or a fragrance oil

Candleholder: You can use a metal or tin coffee mug, glass candle votives, or mason candle jar.

Candle wick: It is better to use a tabbed candle wick. A tabbed wick is a pre-cut wick with a metal disk attached to its bottom. Choose a wick that is one or two inches longer than your candle jar.

Candle melting containers: You’ll need different pots during candle making, especially during the double boiler method in melting wax.

Heat-safe candle containers: Heat safe glass measuring cup or can for wax melting. You can also use a metal beaker designed specifically for melting candle wax. You can find such metal beakers in candle making section of your nearest craft store.

Candle thermometer: I prefer to use a candy-making thermometer. Some craft stores sell similar candle-making thermometers, but you should buy the thermometer with a metal band and a clip attached to it for safe usage.

Colors/Dye (optional): It is an optional candle-making supply. If you want to make colored a coffee-scented candle, you can use chocolate color candle-making dye.

Pencil, marker, stick, or pen: You can use any of them to hold the candle wick straight.

Superglue or double-sided tape.

And finally, craft stick, wooden spoon, or skewer.

Coffee Candle With Coffee Beans

Step by step guide to coffee scented candle making:

After you have gathered all these necessary candle-making equipment, you can start making your coffee-scented candle. Following is a step-by-step guide to coffee-scented candle making.

Melting the wax for candle making:

Take a candle holder of your choice. Clean the holder by washing it with soap and water. Dry the candle holder with a towel and set it aside. You’ll need to use your candle holder to measure the wax, so don’t place the candle wick just yet.

For candle-making, set up a double-boiler. Set a heat-safe glass measuring cup or tin into a pot. Fill the pot with a few centimeters or inches of water. Fill the pot up to the level when water does not touch the rim and reaches part-way up the side of the can. Please don’t use your candle holder at this step, even though it is a tin can.

Clip a candy thermometer to the side of the metal can by sliding the clip over the rim. To avoid the tip of the thermometer not touching the bottom of the metal can move it up and down.

Add soy wax flakes into the metal can and use your candle holder to measure the wax. The wax flakes should be enough to fill your candles holder 1.5 times. These wax flakes will condense on melting and take less space so, you should not worry if these wax flakes seem like too much.

Use medium-high heat to melt the wax. Boil the water over medium-high heat and wait 10-15 minutes for the wax to melt. Mostly wax will turn translucent or clear. Please don’t raise the temperature of the wax to more than 93 °C; it may catch fire. If you are using other wax types than soy wax flakes, you have to check the label on the packaging for a flashpoint.

Adding fragrance for coffee scented candle:

You have to add 1 tbsp of grounded coffee per 12 oz of wax flakes. You can use freshly-grounded coffee for the best fragrance, but you can also use any coffee.

Another option is fragrance oil. If you want to use real coffee.1.5 ounces of oil is enough for every 1 pound wax. If you use a fragrance oil, read the label to check the flashpoint.

Give 2-3 minutes to infuse the wax with the color (optional) and fragrance of the coffee. During this time, you have to watch the temperature on the thermometer. The temperature should not get higher than the flashpoint of your chosen wax. If you use a coffee-scented fragrance oil, you should skip this step.

Start adding a few drops of your desired fragrance, then add more drops as per need. Avoid using too much fragrance as this will make the oil overpower the fragrance of the coffee. Coffee comes in different flavors to use fragrances like Vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, peppermint, cinnamon, or many others. Check the label for oil flashpoint and, if needed, let the wax cool to the right temperature.

The recommended temperature for adding fragrance to your soy or paraffin wax is around 180-185 degrees F. If you are using paraffin wax, then it is around 200-205 degrees F. To bind the fragrance to the wax perfectly, you must heat the wax to the perfect temperature. Fragrance wax binding will help make a stronger scent throw of the candle.

Pouring & Cooling your coffee scented candle:

Wait for the wax to be cool to 38 degrees C. Clip your thermometer to the side of the can, and watch the temperature as it falls. While waiting for the wax candle to cool down, you should prepare the candle holder.

Insert a candle wick into your candle holder. Place a drop of super glue or a piece of double-sided tape on the bottom of the tab and tuck the wick into the candle holder. Now, gently press the tab against the bottom.

If you want to give rustic touch, then use a wooden or natural wick. For a rustic touch, you have to add whole coffee beans to the top of the candle before the wax hardens. Make sure coffee beans are not too close to the candle wick; otherwise, they can burn when lighting a candle.

Take a pen and place it across the candle holder, then wrap the end of the wick around it. Keep wrapping the wick until the pen touches the rim of the holder. You can prop your wick between 2 pencils if your wick is short. Use tape to hold the pencils together.

If you are not using grounded coffee, you can pour wax through a mesh strainer. You have to clean the filter immediately. If you pour all of the wax at once, then it may lead to wells forming in the center of the candle.

Let’s wait for the wax to cool completely at room temperature. The temperature at which wax you pour the wax, the size of the candle, and the type of wax that you used to make the candles – all are factors that affect the time duration for wax cooling. The reaming quarter of the wax will also cool, and you can use it later after re-melting.

Finishing the coffee scented candle:

While cooling, most candles develop a small well in the middle. You can avoid this using the double boiler method by simply reheating the remaining quarter of wax. No need to add more essential oil or coffee at this step again. Luckily, if you don’t get a well, you can use the remaining wax to fill your candle holder.

If you found well in the middle of the candle, you must pour the wax into it. You have to use a strainer for this batch if you have used a filter before. If your wax is overfilled, there is no issue with it as long as it is inside the candle holder. Allow the wax to harden again. Hardening of wax will take less time than before due to the smaller wax. If you found any wax outside the candle holder, then scrape off with your fingernails.

Your coffee-scented candle is ready to use. Before burning the wick you need to trim the wick up to one-fourth inches every time. Trimming the candle wick will reduce the amount of smoke and prevent the flame from climbing too high.

Finally, place the candle in a heat-safe place and never leave the burning candle unattended.

Best place to store coffee scented candles:

If you want to store the candle, you require a cool environment around room temperature or below. Low temperature will protect the candle from melting, bending, or softening. Due to low-temperature reasons, a taper candle is more sensitive than a jar candle. The basement is the best place for candle storage.

A coffee smelling candle is, indeed, the best-scented candle you can make to pamper yourself or gift your loved ones. And, I hope this coffee-scented candle tutorial was helpful to you and provided answers to all your questions. I just wished I could convince you to make a homemade coffee-scented candle. But if you have any questions, please ask.

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