How To Choose Odor Eliminating Candles That’ll Actually Work

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If you are a smoker or own pets, odor elimination can be challenging. This is why odor eliminators were invented! An odor eliminator is a type of candle that is different from a scented candle because it uses odor absorbing technology to eliminate odors. Odor eliminators are also sometimes called odor absorbers or odor eliminating candles. They all refer to the same thing: a candle designed to remove odor from your space. If you are looking for an odor eliminator and do not know what to call it, these are some good keywords to use in your search.

Odor Eliminating Candles That’ll Actually Work

Why does your indoor space smell?

Indoor odor is a pervasive and unpleasant odor that originates from inside the building rather than outside it. These smells can be caused by many different things, such as pets, smoking, cooking, and even mold. Poor ventilation, either too much or not enough, also results in stale air with an offensive stench. In some cases, certain rooms may have their unique odor.

Indoor odors can be a huge problem in your home. Indoor odors are generally unpleasant and make the home environment less pleasant to be in. If your room smells and you don’t know why – try using an odor eliminator candle to remove unwanted odor.

There are many scented candles with pleasant smells that can help to eliminate odor in your home. These candles come in various shapes and sizes and work for different situations. Smokers need cigarette odor removing candles with a pleasant fragrance. And, pet owners need odor removing candles that remove pet odors from their furniture.

Odor eliminating candles can be used for many different types of odors. They often smell like the odor they’re designed to combat! For example, pet odor eliminators tend to have a floral scent, while smoke odor eliminators may come with an outdoor fragrance.

No matter what odor you are trying to remove, odor eliminating candles can be a great help! With an odor eliminator candle in the home, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on air fresheners. Stay with us to the end of the blog to find out the best odor eliminating candles to make your home smell fresh!

Do people differ in how they notice odors?

Yes, people differ in how they notice odors. Some people are more odor-sensitive than others and can smell things that others cannot. This is because each person’s sense of smell is unique. People also have different memories associated with certain smells So an odor that one person finds offensive may not bother another person at all. This is why it is important to find a good odor eliminating candles for your needs, as not everyone will be happy with the same scent.

If you are looking for an odor eliminator that will work well for you, it is important to consider your individual preferences and sensitivities. Do some research on different odor eliminating candles and find the one that will work best for you.

Odor eliminating candles for smokers and pets

You may need different types of odor removing candles depending on the odor you are trying to get rid of. But they will definitely help make your space smell better.

Candles that remove smoke odor are a great way to get rid of the smell of cigarettes. If you have just quit smoking, these candles can help remove the cigarette odor from your home. They also work well for people who live in apartments and cannot smoke inside. Candles with citrus scents are especially good at removing cigarette odor.

Candles for the odor of pets are scented candles that remove pet odors from fabrics like couches and carpets. You can also use these candles when your furry friends get in a fight or an accident because the odor will be removed with their pleasant smell.

They come in many fragrance choices, but vanilla-scented ones work especially well for the odor of pets. With these pleasant-smelling candles, you can get rid of any odor in your home!

What’s the Difference Between Odor Eliminating Candles and Scented Candles?

The smell is one of the most powerful senses that we have. It can evoke memories and even alter our moods, so it’s no wonder odor elimination candles are becoming more popular!

If you’re looking for a candle to make your home smell nice, go with a scented candle. However, if you’re looking for something to eliminate tough odors such as smoke or pet smells, odor eliminating candles are the way to go!

While these candles work by using odor-absorbing technology, scented candles are meant to mask foul odors and make your home smell nice for the time being. Once you blow out the candle, the unpleasant odor will return. This is why odor eliminating candles tend to cost more than standard scented ones; they do what you’re paying for them…eliminate odors.

Odor Eliminating Candles Are The Future of Smelly Home Solutions

While odor eliminating candles isn’t a new concept, they are becoming more popular. This is because of how versatile and effective odor eliminating candles can make your home smell great!

Whether you are trying to get an odor out of your home after pets, smoking, or cooking odor has invaded the space; odor eliminators can help. Odor eliminating candles work by binding with odor molecules and completely removing them from the air. What’s more, odor elimination candles don’t just mask smells as some scented candles do- they get rid of the odor!

Not only do odor eliminators work on the toughest odors lingering in your house, but they have numerous other benefits too. You’ll also help the environment by not using scented candles that contain harmful chemicals!

Do odor eliminating candles come without scents?

No, odor eliminators do not come without scents–the whole point is to remove the bad odors! They usually have pleasant smells associated with them. Still, if you are looking for an odor eliminator that doesn’t have a scent, you will need to search for one that is specifically labeled as “unscented.”

However, most odor eliminating candles come with scents, which helps combat the bad odor. If you are not fond of strong smells, it may be best to avoid odor eliminators. Find another way to remove the odor from your home.

What are the good and bad about odor eliminating candles?

The Good Part:

  • They last longer than scented candles.
  • Works for tough odor problems like pet smell or smoke smell.
  • You can use it for many different odors.
  • It usually reduces odor over time with effective odor absorbing material.

The Bad Part:

  • These candles do not last as long as some scented candles.
  • They require a flame to burn and may produce black soot if odor-absorbing material isn’t properly burned away.
  • These are more expensive than a scented candle and may not be available in every scent.
  • Some odor eliminators use artificial fragrances. They can be harmful to your health, while others do not have a pleasant scent.

How do odor eliminating candles help reduce pet or smoke odor?

Candles have been used for centuries to eliminate odor. They are a great way to eliminate pet odors, smoke odor, and foot odor. Many different types of candles can help reduce odor. Some candles are made specifically for smokers, while others are for pet owners.

Odor eliminating candles doesn’t remove the awful scents themselves. They work by burning and melting the scented wax, which releases the fragrance of its essential oils. The aromatic particles react with the olfactory receptors in our bones. That’s why we smell lavender or rose instead of smelling Freddie’s funk.

You can use odor eliminators for general pet odor, and food smells in your home. They are a great way to freshen up the air and eliminate foul odors from pets, cigarette smoke, and weed smell.

If you are looking for a natural way to reduce pet odors, then odor eliminating candles are the perfect solution. They are affordable, easy to use, and work great on all types of pet odors. Try using them in your home today.

Can a diffuser solve your pet odor problem?

Pet odor diffusers are an amazing way to remove pet odors from the air naturally. They rely on essential oils that diminish pet smells by using their natural properties, like purifying and deodorizing. Diffusers also make your home smell great! The best part is that they can be used for any room in your house (except kitchens) and can be used for many different pet smells.

If you’re looking for a pet odor eliminator that can handle multiple pet smells, try an all-in-one diffuser. These diffusers come with a variety of essential oil scents so that you can find the perfect one for your furry friend. They also work great for eliminating musty or old smells. But, if you’re a candle geek like me, here’re the few things you need to consider when buying odor eliminating candles.

Things to look for in odor eliminating candles

Let’s now look at various things you should consider before buying an odor eliminating candle.

The first and foremost: Wax

Like all scented candles, odor eliminating candles are made from wax. And the kind of wax is an important factor. While most candle makers prefer paraffin wax, the legit companies use other options including:

  • Soy wax
  • Beeswax,
  • A paraffin blend of two.

Paraffin Wax Vs. Soy Wax

If you have finally decided to buy an odor eliminating candle, it would be best to avoid paraffin wax. As you know, paraffin is a petroleum byproduct and isn’t sustainable. Always buy plant-based, organic wax candles or prefer candles made with only a small amount as wax blends.

Many websites claim that paraffin wax can contribute to the development of cancer. But the risk is pretty low unless you burn paraffin candles every day for years.

Alternatively, soy wax is an ideal choice for an odor neutralizer. It burns cleanly with minimal smoke. Since it doesn’t produce any soot, you can easily place it close to the walls or other furniture. Furthermore, it is made from (preferably non-GMO) soybean oil, making it sustainable and renewable.

Please read our full article on different candle-making waxes.

Targeted odors: Pet or smoke

Some candles can fight off various indoor odors, but they probably won’t be strong enough to eliminate any specific odor. Be very specific about the odors you want to remove from your space when choosing the best odor eliminating candles.

If you own a stinky pet, a single mist of air freshener won’t be enough – you’ll have to keep on using pet odor eliminating candles regularly to banish any bad smell in your home. And if you want to mask cigarette smoke or weed smoke, consider the candle with a strong aroma.

A stronger scent is better, but not necessary.

As discussed earlier, many manufacturers prefer paraffin wax because it gives off a stronger scent than soy wax. But this isn’t important when choosing the best odor eliminating candle. Why because the odor eliminating candles neutralize bad smells by binding with our receptors.

Rather be mindful of the space where you plan to use your odor eliminating candles. For example, fruity scented candles might not suit the bathroom but will work well in a kitchen.

Toxic Chemicals-free

Since the purpose of odor eliminating candles is to deodorize your home, you should avoid ones with toxic chemicals and fragrance oil. Burning such regular candles releases an unpleasant odor and is unsafe for your family and your pets.

We’ve talked about clean candles more in-depth in our roundup of the best clean-burning candles, so you may want to read it for more info.

Burn Time and Wax Quality and Quantity

When choosing the best odor eliminating candles pay attention to their estimated burn time. Some standard-sized candles burn up to 70 hours. The burn time depends on the quality and quantity of wax. This is important since two candles with the same amount of wax may burn differently.


Lastly, the most important factor to consider is the price tag. With pets or bad smoking habits, you might need to burn an odor eliminating candle consistently to keep your home smell-free.

With this in mind, try to understand how many candles you might need in a month and how much it would cost you in the long term.

How long does odor eliminating candles last?

Odor eliminators usually last around 50 hours, but this will vary depending on the size and type of candle. It is important to keep in mind that the length of time an odor eliminator lasts may be shorter if the odor is particularly strong.

When the odor eliminator has run out of scent, it will no longer be effective at removing the odor from your home. It is, therefore, important to keep track of how much time is left on the candle so that you can replace it before it runs out.

What is the best odor eliminating candle?

Let’s dive into our roundup of the best smoke and pet candles without further ado.

Siberian Fir Scented Odor Eliminating Candle

odor eliminating candle siberian fir

Top on our list of odor eliminating candles is a candle with a blend of FDA food-grade & soy waxes and fir essential oil from Dianne’s Custom Candles store. This outdoor-inspired scented candle offers an inviting woodsy, natural fragrance to your smelly indoors all year round and can also eliminate kitchen odor.

The Siberian Fir Scented deodorizing candle can eliminate up to 95% of any smell, even the most offending ones. It’s not only for cooking odor or tobacco smell but also for pet odors and cigarette smoke. So, if you have a family to care for, this odor eliminating candle is what you need to keep it together!

A very helpful way to get rid of those pesky chemical smells is by using this 12oz amazing product that will leave your home smelling great again – without having to use air fresheners or other chemical diffusers.

Unlike regular scented candles, you will not smell those awful odors after you put out this earthy-smelling candle. It has a high fragrance load that fills any room with a luxurious fir tree scent and lasts up to 80 hours when properly maintained.

Clothesline Fresh Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle

Clothesline Fresh Smoke Odor Eliminating Candle

The perfect solution to stale cigar and cigarette smoke is here! The Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle from Tobacco Outlet Products will permanently rid your office or home of pesky odors from the pipe, cigar, or tobacco with its special enzymes. It can also fight off the pet and cooking odor, but it is probably best suited for smoke.

Unlike other candles, this one doesn’t just cover up the smell for a certain amount of time before returning them – it eliminates them forever so you can enjoy fresher air in every room while still being able to use products that might have been made near these smells without worrying about an offensive stench filling up around you as well.

The wax formulation is similar to the Siberian Fir Scented Odor Eliminating Candle; A paraffin-soy blend! Each 13 oz candle wax will banish odors for about 70 hours.

What’s more? The Smoke Odor Exterminator candle is available in a wide range of scents, including that feature floral, fruity, and forest-y fragrances. The 4.2-star rating on Amazon is proof enough that many people have had success using this product to eliminate their smoke odor problem. However, it’s not perfect for all situations and definitely shouldn’t be considered a long-term solution unless you’re willing to try other options as well first!

One Fur All 100% Natural Soy Wax Candle

One Fur All Natural Soy Wax Pet Odor Eliminating Candle

Pets are a source of joy and love in our lives, but they can also cause some unpleasant smells. Spray cleaners may help eliminate these odors, though they will harm you and your pets and the environment with harmful chemicals.

One Fur All Natural Soy Wax candle is a great choice if you want an all-natural candle that battles pet odor. When your home is the perfect spot for cats and dogs, it can be hard to keep up with all of that pet odor. Between litter boxes and dog beds – not to mention food bowls! The messes they make are endless (especially if you don’t like cleaning). But fear not; our odor neutralizing candles will help freshen up everything in

sight by quickly removing any unwanted smells from around their favorite spots before anybody even notices them there in the first place.

This Lavender Green Tea scented candle has soothing aromas like French lavender mixed perfectly with green tea leaves steeped over white lily bulbs; crisp citrus undertones add depth while melon notes bring out sweetness followed by warming sage completing its scent recipe.

The scented candle is made using natural ingredients such as 100% natural soy wax, 100% cotton wick, and premium quality lavender and green tea essential oils, which neutralize the scent of pet urine, feces, and other household odors.

Each of these hand-poured candles can burn for up to 60 hours, making it a durable option for eliminating pet odors. The company claims that the wax is free of harmful chemicals like phthalate and paraben. These features make this candle an environment-friendly and clean-burning candle to use around pets. However, the pet candle can burn quickly petty, as users have reviewed it on Amazon.

Specialty Pet Products Hippie Love Pet Odor Exterminator

Specialty Pet Products Hippie Love Pet Odor Exterminator

What’s the best way to get rid of that unpleasant smell from your house? If you have pets, I have just what might be perfect! This Hippie Love Pet Odor Exterminator by Speciality Pet Products will neutralize any pesky odors in your home.

They have beautifully scented pet-friendly odor eliminating melts that will neutralize cat or dog smells, as well as other small animal companions such as lizard pets! These products are safe for use around furry/scaly friends.

Plus, these beauties come highly recommended through veterinarians too. This offers a solid testimony that there’s no risk involved when using them around those who care about their health and well-being (including yourself).

Each 13 oz candle wax allows for up to 70 hours of burn time, so they’re quite long-burning than the One Fur All candles. Also, the candle is comparably less expensive than the latter, so it is a good pick as an all-around candle if you have a tight budget.

Specialty Pet Products have a huge range of sweet-smelling scented candles to choose from, so you’ll never run out of options if you don’t like this one. However, food scented candles might limit the areas where they can be used.

Aromatherapy Deodorizing Pet Odor Eliminator Detoxifying Lemongrass

Aromatherapy Deodorizing Pet Odor Eliminator Detoxifying Lemongrass

The deodorizing soy candle from Gerrard Larriett is a great option if you have pets in your home. It’s made using pet-safe, allergy-free wax 100% cotton wicks that have been handpicked by a professional fragrance house to provide you with an amazing scent experience without any irritants or allergens.

Plus, it comes in 17 different scents! I personally like Lemongrass best – a fresh scent that is not too strong but still aromatic enough when pets are around.

The calming and destressing effect of this product is perfect for pets. One way to keep your furry friend happy, whether they’re resting or just lounging around the house all day long with nowhere else to go.

The calming aroma of the oils in these candles will soothe your pet and relax them. They’re great for destressing both you and Freddie when he decides to roll over on his back instead.

Wrapping up!

We tried to review the best odor eliminating candles out there. But if you want us to pick the best one for you, that would be the Specialty Pet Products Hippie Love Pet Odor Eliminator candle. It is a sweet-smelling pet candle with pet-friendly wax.

Furthermore, it is backed by veterinarians so that you can use it without any doubt despite its paraffin-soy blend as the wax melt is also not that much of a headache.

And, if you’re looking for something to remove the stench of cigarettes and cigars, then the Clothesline Fresh Smoke Odor Exterminator candle is your way to go. The company offers a wide range of fragrances, so you can choose one that matches your vibes.

But, if this doesn’t work well as a refreshing fragrance in your space and appeals to your pet’s nose, then we have three other smoke and pet candles and smoke eliminating candles as well. Do check them out!

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