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Candles have become a self-care element over the years. When it comes to shopping for personal necessities, people prefer to buy even expensive candles to make their life luxurious and relaxed. No doubt, scented candles are meant to change the mood and environment of your room into a special ambiance to gain a soothing effect.

Luxurious candles are not only ideal for routine, but you must take them along with you wherever you go to spend holidays. Their scent will create nostalgia and make every moment of your trip memorable. Next time, when you smell the same fragrance, it will take you to those unforgettable moments. So, make your special holidays more special by using scented and luxurious candles.

When you are buying high end candles, they should not only be good to smell but must come in ultra-chic packaging also. After all, you are paying your hard-earned money, so you must get a better product. But finding a full package is not that easy as it seems. So, stick around; we are presenting the top-notch expensive candles here to make you get the right product without any extra effort.

expensive candles; high end candles; scented candles; expensive scented candles
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Buying Guide for the Expensive Candles

Whenever you decide to purchase expensive candles, it is of utmost importance to keep in your mind what you are actually looking for. Because if you’re paying too high, so your hard-earned money should not be wasted. If you are aware of the following things, you will never buy something wrong. So, have a look at these points.

1- It’s all in the wax

Various sorts of candle wax are used for different scented candles. Paraffin wax, beeswax, soy wax, and coconut wax are the popular ones, and each of them contains different properties. Paraffin is a cost-effective wax that is widely used in candles, but it is not eco-friendly. However, it holds much fragrance and retains color; that’s why many candle manufacturing brands use it frequently.

The soy wax burns slow and is a mid-range wax that is the soybean’s byproduct. It doesn’t hold a strong scent, but if you’re a lover of light fragrances, this wax is just perfect for you.

Beeswax is another eco-friendly wax that is got from the bees when they are making honey. That’s why it comes with a subtly sweet aroma, which purifies the air and makes the surroundings calm.

The newest and popular one is the coconut wax that holds more aroma and features clean burning. It is made from coconut and is the most expensive wax. Although it burns in an eco-friendly manner, the sourcing promotes palm tree plantation and encourages deforestation. So, I would not recommend it.

Every type of wax has its own pros and cons. You can select any of them which fulfills your requirements.

2- Burn time matters in the expensive candles

The quality and size of the candle determine its burn time. High-quality candles burn for a longer time. And, if you rightly take care of them, they can burn for an extended period. The burn time of expensive candles ranges from a minimum burn time of 60 hours to a maximum of 800 hours. It’s up to you that how much you can pay. By spending more, you’ll get a candle with more burn time.

expensive candles; high end candles; scented candles; expensive scented candles
Photo by EVG Culture from Pexels

3- Scent is what makes expensive candles worth every penny

The expensive candles are available in different scents. The fragrances include pumpkin’s spicy aroma to rose, vanilla, berry, lime, pomegranate, cedar, amber, musk, lavender, and various woodsy fragrances.

Everyone has their own choice, so first of all, give importance to your preferred scent. If you want to keep your surroundings relaxing, it’s better to burn candles with subtle forest fragrances. When woody scents get mixed up with any fruit scent like pomegranate or citrus aroma, it makes the ambiance more delightful.

But if you want to explore something new, make sure the combo of top notes with middle and base notes must be alluring and spellbinding. Otherwise, you’ll regret your purchase later on.

Renowned brands like Diptyque, Bath and Body Work, Homesick, and Greentree Home produce expensive candles using superb natural essential oils. So, you can try them without any fear because these top brands only manufacture quality products.

4- Scent Throw

One of the essential factors to search for expensive candles is scent throw. This term means that either a candle is capable of filling the entire room with its scent or not. If you are buying scented candles for large rooms, it would be better to choose larger ones. Small candles can work great for small areas. An appropriately sized candle can make your room filled with your favorite fragrance in no time.

5- Don’t forget to count the wicks of your expensive candles

Wicks are one of the essential factors determining a candle’s quality. The luxurious candles mostly contain thinly braided wicks that are different from wiry wicks in burning speed and other matters.

Thin wicks are made of linen or cotton and burn easily, slowly, and with less smoke. Wide candles also come with wooden wicks that make the wax burn evenly. Moreover, larger candles often contain more wicks which makes them glow intensely and produce stronger fragrances.

Now that we have discussed all the essential matters associated with the scented candles let’s move on to the best expensive candles. Go through all the products one by one to explore if they attract you.

1- Seychelles Indulgence Candle 140 pounds/$ 185

Top on the list of expensive candles, but not so expensive, is Seychelles’ Indulgence Candle. People who love citrus scents will feel mesmerized in Seychelles Indulgence Candle’s sweet aroma. The aromatic and soothing fragrance of this candle makes you feel as if you’re sitting in a lush green garden.

This candle combines the bergamot and orange’s evocative fragrance with fresh coconut’s scent to give you a relaxing feel. Along with that, a bit of green jasmine, buttery vanilla, and warming amber add more meaning to its magnificent aroma. It comes with four wicks that make it more illuminated and spectacular.

Seychelles is one of the expensive candle brands in London that bring class and style to your living. Whenever you are done with a hectic task and want to relax, just light it up and experience a charming aroma taking you to the heights of relaxation.

You’ll love the minimalistic design of this glass-encased candle that comes paired with a stainless steel lid. Make sure you cover it when the candle is not in use. Furthermore, the canlde burns for approximately 230 hours which is a longer and ideal duration for any candle to burn. So, you can enjoy the alluring scent for more time without thinking much about candles’ purchasing over and over. The dimensions make it right-sized candle you can gift to a scented candles’ lover.


  • An outstanding citrus fragrance with amber and vanilla.
  • Bigger in size.
  • Contains four wicks.
  • 230 hours of burn time.


2- Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Deluxe Candle $200

Are you looking for an incredible aroma that can change the ambiance of your room in a split of seconds? Coming in a second close is Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir Deluxe Candle that produces a perfect fragrance for giving you a luxurious feel.

As the pomegranate is the top note, so you can feel a remarkably perfect fruity fragrance as the candle burns. The enormous smell of Casablanca Lily and Guaiacwood creates an enigmatic and mesmerizing effect. The smoky wood makes your room an ideal place to relax. Jo Malone has manufactured this superb product that creates a peaceful and gentle ambiance to make you feel relaxed every time.

The fragrance is not overpowering but a balanced one. More interestingly, you don’t have to burn the candle for hours and hours to make your home smell good. Burn it for an hour, and the fragrance will keep lingering around you for a longer duration. For optimal usage, you should light up the three wicks simultaneously. Otherwise, the candle will not burn altogether.

When you think the room is filled with its incredible aroma and want to extinguish the flame, just put the lid on the candle. Once the flame blows out, don’t lit the candle again till the candle solidifies completely.

This one of the high end candles comes with approximately 90 hours of burning time. The luxurious candles are often expensive, but you get what you pay for when buying Pomegranate Noir Deluxe Candle.


  • Smoky wood aroma blended with pomegranate.
  • Burns for up to 90 hours.
  • Contains 3 wicks.
  • Comes in outclass packaging.
  • The website has many exciting discounts to offer as well.


  • Burn time is less for the price.

3- Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Luxury Candle $495

Third runner up is, again, the Jo Malones’s Pomegranate Noir Luxury Candle offering a luxurious and juicy pomegranate aroma. The smoky Guaiac woody fragrance makes a perfect combo with the fresh pomegranate scent to let you feel as walking around the wood full of pomegranate trees.

The signature glass design makes it more classy and eye-catchy. Though the glass covering is simple, it still looks remarkably stylish with your lavish home decor. It includes a lid that is essential when the candle is not burning. And, with the lid, it looks even more elegant and beautiful.

The burn time is something that matters a lot when we talk about expensive candles. In contrast to the previous one; this candles this candles offers a 220 hours long burn time. It means it will light up for many days and you’ll keep on enjoying the enormous fragrance for a longer duration.


  • Guaiac wood and pomegranate fragrance.
  • 220 hours of burn time.
  • Impressive glass design.


  • The glass design is not too embellished.

4- Cereria Molla – Amber & Sandalwood 7 Wick Candle $600

Cereria Molla is a well-known brand producing outclass candles since 1899. They are manufacturing fine fragrances to make your home environment more relaxing and soothing. The brand uses excellent raw materials and phenomenal fragrances for making its products. That’s why Cereria Molla – Amber & Sandalwood 7 Wick Candle is one of the expensive candles containing impressive features.

It fills your room with a spicy aroma of sandalwood paired with fresh citrus leaves extract, making it a remarkable combination for expensive candles. The hints of musk and amber make this scent more natural and mesmerizingly sweet.

It is 14" tall and 9.5" wide, while the black color makes it suitable for every home decor theme. Also, it is made from vegetable wax which is ideal for the living environment.

A total of 7 wicks make the candle more illuminated to create an attractive ambiance in your room. Lastly, with exceptionally large size and 600 hours of burn time, it’s worth paying $600 for such an incredible product.


  • Burn time is 600 hours.
  • Huge candle with 7 wicks.
  • A sweet-spice mix of sandalwood, amber, and musk.
  • Vegetable wax.


  • Not suitable for small rooms.

5- Cire Trudon Ernesto Grand Bougie Candle $650

Cire Trudon is the oldest and top-class candle manufacturing brand that dates back to 1643. They are still making expensive candles with quality wax and the technique used centuries ago.

All those people casting around for long burn time of candles should stop their search. Because Cire Trudon Ernesto Grand Bougie Candle comes with 300 hours burn time. So, you can dive into its splendid fragrance for many days without getting worried about shopping for more candles after a few days.

Let’s talk about its alluring and refreshing aroma. It gives a feeling like you’re sitting near a water pound where the spearmint fragrance is infused in the whole environment. It’s not only the mint aroma, but rich vanilla and soothing jasmine make a great combo to let you experience something unique yet amazing. You’ll start loving this one of the high end candles spreading an enchanting smell within a few minutes as you light it up.

For making it more secure to use, it is made with vegetal wax, which is ideal for living environments. Due to its organic nature, it is an ideal choice for health-conscious people. Its dimensions make it suitable to fit in at any small shelf or table.


  • Made up of vegetal wax.
  • A refreshing blend of spearmint, vanilla, and jasmine.
  • 300 hours burn time.


  • Not ideal for spacious rooms.

6- The Virgin Violet, Violet scented candle $680

The virgin violet from Gucci will take you to an imaginative world of fragrances by spreading mesmerizing scents in your surrounding.

This candle houses the unique fragrance of violet leaves which escapes everywhere as soon as you burn it. The musk fragrance blends with the scent of Iris petals, and violet leaves to create a soothing effect. The warmer and stronger powdery fragrance makes every moment memorable and relaxing.

I’d give extra points for its overall chic presentation that makes it ideal for every classy products lover. The candle is packed in a white and precious porcelain jar, fully embellished with real gold accents to make it look more striking. Keeping the grace and purity of the expensive candles in mind, the manufacturers have decorated the jar with a swan. It looks more stunning when placed on the wooden shelf because of its outstanding craftwork.

You get this expensive candle in a special moire pouch which makes it easy for you to take it anywhere along with you. Or, if you give it as a gift to your friends or family members, it will look more presentable, and they will love the marvelous packaging also.


  • Incredible violet scent.
  • Comes with a moire pouch.
  • Impressively decorated.
  • High-quality porcelain jar.
  • Strong yet appealing fragrance.


  • I don’t see any drawbacks here. This is exceptionally THE BEST expensive candle in the list.

7- Lalique Épines Scented Candle $2,300

Last on out list of expensive candles is Lalique’s Épines Scented Candle from Platinum Edition. This candle is the show stealer and catches the eyes of every style lover. Its superb purple crystal vase is made up of legendary glass that looks good on your side table.

What enhances its overall incredible look is the blackberry brambles that are stamped with platinum. They are all around the glass to take you on a fragrant journey into an enchanted forest. If you have ever fantasized the fairy tale forests, you can experience a feel of it in your room.

The violet flowers with the black berry’s purple notes create a lovely aroma to give you a better feel. Though it is one of the high end candles, but at this price, the fragrance and feel that it provides are unmatchable.

The crystal glass holds 26½ ounces of white wax that burns for almost 80 hours. So, you can enjoy the woody fragrance of the forest for an extended time comfortably. When burned, the candle looks more fabulous and makes the surroundings impressive.

It comes in a purple-colored box which better complements the candle’s look. You can send it as a birthday gift to any of your friends. They will always appreciate your choice.


  • Distinctive woodsy scent.
  • Embellished with a fine layer of platinum.
  • Violet and blackberry flowers fragrance.


  • Highly expensive for the size and burn time.

Taking care of your expensive candles:

It’s not enough to put all the effort into finding expensive candles with superb features. Leave some stamina for taking care of your favorite high end candles. You can increase the lifespan of your purchased expensive candles by considering the following points:

  • Whenever you burn the candle, let it turn the whole wax surface into liquid. It means the candle must burn for 2-3 hours at a time. Because, if it extinguishes one time without reaching the far end of the wax, next time it will start burning from the same point,we call this Candle Memory. That will create a tunnel towards the bottom, which ultimately shortens the candle’s lifespan.
  • It is recommended not to burn a candle for more than 4 hours. As it may cause mushrooms to develop at the side of the wicks.
  • Draughty spaces are not ideal for burning candles because such an environment makes them burn unevenly. Obviously, uneven burning leads to tunneling.
  • You must have a candle snuffer for extinguishing the candles.
  • Don’t forget to trim the wicks of your candle up to 4mm regularly. It helps to remove the soot and keeps the candle burned cleanly. When flame gets too high or the candle flickers, simply blow it out, and it’s good to go.

Final Verdict

If you are fond of buying scented candles and now desiring to buy expensive candles, not a bad decision. But what if you spend a high price and get a low-quality candle. So, you can trust our researchers who spend hours and hours finding high-quality, expensive candles. In this guide, we have presented top brand luxurious candles that have enormous features.

If you want us to give you a suggestion about the top pick, it is the Virgin Violet, a violet scented candle from Gucci. The candle hasit all; the stylish jar, white wax, and a soothing aroma. You won’t regret buying this one!

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