Giant Candle: A Unique Gift Idea For Him & Her This Holiday

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Haven't you noticed that the giant candle is making a comeback? Giant Candle is a great gift for anyone this holiday season! Giant candle is a huge, oversized, and unique present that will make any person feel special. It is not only a great addition to anyone’s home décor, but it can also help create an ambiance of tranquility while providing warmth during the winter months. They are oversized and made to last. The large size ensures enough time to enjoy the relaxing scents and fragrances from natural essential oils or fragrance oils in each drop before it burns out completely. Do you want more information on how a giant candle can be the perfect gift? Keep reading!

Why should someone buy a giant candle?

There are many benefits to owning a giant candle. For starters, Giant Candles make any room feel cozy and inviting. They are perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere or just relaxing after a long day.

Giant candles can also be used to make any space feel more festive. Their huge size is perfect for filling up large spaces and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Giant candles are also the perfect way to show your loved ones that you care. What could be better than receiving a giant candle as a gift?

It is believed that candles are meant to remind you of some memorable times, which is pretty true for oversized candles. Because they come with more burn time and last longer, so it will let you remember all the unforgettable moments over and over. Furthermore, a giant candle’s longer life creates the same ambiance for more time. You can smell your favorite scent for an extended duration without spending more bucks.

Apparently, it seems that giant candles are too expensive and only rich people can afford them, but in fact, it’s wrong. When you analyze the prices in technical terms, you’ll find most large candles are affordable. Because when you estimate per ounce price, the giant candle wins the battle.

If you have a big room or apartment to light a candle in, it’s good to choose the giant candle for creating a unique ambiance all around. The large candles are far better and economical than small candles. Moreover, if you’re a busy person and have less time for shopping, the giant candles are a better solution to your issue.

Giant candle comes in many different scents and styles.

Over time, many renowned brands have focused on manufacturing large candles. So, you have a plethora of candles to choose from. But you may end up selecting the wrong one if you’re new to shopping for this luxurious item. The top brand products will be worth paying for as they never compromise quality. Even the budgeted products are quite better than low-quality brand candles.

You can choose a Giant Candle that suits the personality of the person you are buying it for. Whether they prefer floral, earthy, or woodsy scents, there is sure to be a Giant Candle that they will love. There are also many designs to choose your candle from. From traditional tapers to modern sculptural candles, Giant Candle has a design that will fit any décor. Giant Candles are the perfect gift for anyone on your list this year!

The oversized candles have multiple wicks, quality wax, superb aroma, and outclass decorative vessels. All you got to do is keep your requirement in mind and then choose the one according to your budget.

The biggest giant candle in the world

The Peace Candle of the World or Scappoose Peace Candle is the largest candle in the world. It is approximately 50 feet tall and gained the title of the Guinness World Record for being the world’s largest candle. In 1971, it was made in Scappoose, Oregon, representing the desire for peace of the world as a whole.

From where can you buy the giant candle?

When it comes to buying giant candles, it is a very challenging task. Because it is not an easily available product everywhere, their huge size makes it difficult to keep them on the small shelves of the stores. So, you can’t expect to find large candles in small stores.

The second factor preventing the most oversized candles from being displayed in every candle shop is their high prices. That’s the reason most customers hesitate to shop for giant candles, but it is an assumption.

Compare the prices of small-sized candles with a giant candle and see the difference. The oversized candles offer more burn time which makes them suitable for longer use. People looking for candles that can save them some bucks will always choose the large ones once they consider them.

As we mentioned above that it is a bit hard to find giant candles everywhere then which is the best place to get them? Obviously, online shopping is the best option for this product. You’ll see a huge range of giant candles online.

One of the great benefits of online shopping is that within less time, you can go through a number of products without any physical exertion you have to face otherwise. Also, you can get information about renowned brands from any reliable source to don’t face any deception.

Moreover, when buying any candle online, you can see the reviews of previous customers. Through such reviews, you can get an idea of what are the attributes of that particular product. If people are satisfied with the candle catching your eye, you can purchase it with full confidence.

Without any delay, let’s explore what we have selected for you.

1- Santal 26 Concrete Giant Candle

Giant candle; large candles; huge candles; big candle; oversized candles

Santal 26 Concrete Candle is the renowned product of Le Labo, which has been the top-notch fragrance house working since 2006. They are well-known for producing fresh and hand-labeled unisex fragrances. So, if you are looking for the best giant candle having a sophisticated and warm fragrance, be glad. Santal 26 Concrete Candle is one of the oversized candles filling your home with incredible violet and cardamom scent. In winter, its warm feel makes the ambiance of your living room too awesome.

The top notes make a remarkable combination with the iris and ambrox to create such an amazing environment around you. Moreover, cedarwood and Australian sandalwood are added as the base notes. That perfect mixture makes it ideal for every moment when you want to feel relaxed. Once you get addicted to its superb fragrance, it will be so difficult to live without it.

Not only is its fragrance unique and superb, but overall, it is a full package of high-quality ingredients. The concrete vessel is manufactured with much care in California. Along with that the soy wax and pure cotton wicks add more meaning to the overall image of this phenomenal giant candle.

It weighs 42.3 oz. and looks quite stunning on your side table. The interesting feature that makes it the apple of the eye of every health-conscious person is that it is free from paraben. It is also Cruelty-free and GMO-free.

If the birthday of your close friend is about to come and you’re wandering for some marvelous gift, hold on. Nothing could be a nice gift than presenting a heart-touching scent like Santal 26 Concrete Candle.


  • Contains four pure cotton wicks.
  • Soy wax.
  • Woody and atomic style.
  • Cardamom and violet top notes.
  • Cruelty and Paraben free.


  • It’s pricey.

2- Stones Agate Giant Candle

Giant candle; large candles; huge candles; big candle; oversized candles
Image Source: Baobab

Stones Agate Candle is the best giant candle filling your interiors with a sophisticated and joyful scent. The remarkable blend of Bergamot, Amber, and Acai berry makes your room an ideal place to sit. As you light it up, the spicy fragrance of bergamot takes you to another world of luxury and tranquility. Along with that, the acai berry and sweet, warm fragrance of amber make it the right choice for anyone looking for a mesmerizing sweet scent.

When it comes to scented candles, not only aroma but the entire package matters, that’s why its manufacturers have keenly focused on every aspect of it. The glass design is a masterpiece as it enhances the beauty of your interiors.

If you were irritated by your previous large candles that were not good at burning, then you should try this one. It comes with Egyptian cotton wicks that burn cleanly and smoothly to produce an amazing aroma within no time.

There are four different sizes available, out of which you can select anyone. This is the extra-large size with a 22.0 lb weight. If you are much concerned about per hour burn time of your new huge cable, be happy. It comes with 800 hours of burn time which is an outstanding feature you may not find in other large candles. So, it will keep on burning for a longer duration without needing you to think much about shopping for more candles.

Moreover, the seven wicks and paraffin wax are other superb features. More wicks are useful for even burning, while paraffin wax is capable of holding fragrances for an extended time. On the whole, not even a single feature of it feels like letting it down.


  • Paraffin wax.
  • Includes 7 wicks.
  • 800 hours of burn time.
  • Aromatic, sweet, and woody scent.
  • Amber base notes.


  • The glass vessel is susceptible to damage.

3- Dr. Vranjes Firenze 106 oz. Oud Nobile Oro Metallic Candle

 large metallic candles; huge candles; oversized candles
Image Source: Neiman Marcus

Are you searching for the best giant candles that are stylish and alluring to look at? Here is the Dr. Vranjes Firenze 106 oz. Oud Nobile Oro Metallic Candle that is impressively attractive and classy. You can place this masterpiece anywhere in your living room, and it will look perfect. No doubt it is too unique because of its elegant style and design. The glass is decorated by hand and is hand-blown, while the diverse markings give the assurance of superb craftsmanship.

Providing more vase sizes gives you the freedom to select the right size for the space you have. You can choose from any of the six different sizes according to your requirement or the size of the room.

Another phenomenal feature of this one of the oversized candles is the high-quality wax. As the wax is preservatives-free and solvent, you can expect perfect burning and charming aroma.

Cotton wicks are considered best for scented candles; that’s why this superb giant candle contains pure cotton wicks. You’ll experience even burning and better performance. In fact, these wicks are eco-friendly and safer to use, so that you can use this one of the great candles without any doubt. Enjoy the delectable scent with elegant and lively flames that will create an out-of-world ambiance around you.


  • Eco-friendly pure cotton wicks.
  • Available in 6 different sizes.
  • Marvelous design.
  • Hand-decorated glass vase.
  • Attractive aroma.


  • No cons.

4- Le Ambre Large Candle

Giant candle; large candles; huge candles; big candle; oversized candles
Image Source: Diptyque

Are you fond of classy handmade products? Here is a remarkable big candle for you that you’ll love to use and smell. Le Ambre Large Candle by Diptyque is totally made by hand in the Virebent workshop, which is well-known for manufacturing porcelain products. The superb metallic terracotta pot catches the eyes of everyone putting first glance at it. The signature hatbox looks stylish and classy, adding more meaning to its sophisticated pattern.

Enjoy the warm and spicy fragrance always when you are thinking of filling your room with some enchanting aroma. The terracotta’s artisanal and rustic character has let the manufacturers of Le Ambre Large Candle choose it as the basic element of this one of the oversized candles.

When you light it up, it will create an ambiance as you open an old chest having balls of amber. The enveloping fragrance will quickly spread around your room, making you forget about everything but to feel the aroma.

Keeps you going by its active and captivated scent of amber that makes a classic combo with vetiver, wood, and patchouli. Though this huge candle is suitable for every place and season but in winters, it feels more warm and soothing.

The candle is recommended for both indoors and outdoors. It is ideal for every use because of its strong aroma that is suitable for open-air environments.


  • Beautiful metallic terracotta pot.
  • Fully handmade structure.
  • Spicy and warm aroma style.
  • Amber, patchouli, vetiver, and wood.
  • 52.9 oz. by weight.


  • It is somewhat pricey.

5- FORNASETTI Bacio Scented Giant Candle

Giant candles; huge candles; extra large candles; oversized candles
Image Source: Fornasetti

FORNASETTI Bacio Scented Candle is the best giant candle made by Fornasetti. Due to its enormous features, it has gained popularity over time, and the previous customers are pretty happy with its performance. First of all, this huge candle has a uniquely superb design featuring Lina Cavalieri’s nose and mouth.

It comes with three wicks that are ideal for even burning. The wicks are supported by 100% vegetable wax, which is meant for a longer and cleaner burn. Not only this, but vegetable wax is good for holding the fragrance, so you can expect a lasting aroma when having this fragrance from France. Moreover, as the wax is free from pesticides and allergens, so you can use it with full confidence that you’re not using any harmful product.

All those who are interested in green herbal scents can give it a try. The thyme, cedarwood, and lavender elements mix up together to let the users feel like walking around in a forest. The unique and sophisticated signature otto fragrance produces a remarkable aroma and tremendous ambiance. That’s why it is a good deal.

As far as the vessel is concerned, it is handmade and embellished in Italy. The visitors will appreciate your choice of fragrance. On the other hand, this marvelous giant candle is manufactured in Grasse, France, the center of luxurious scents. Featuring H14.5xØ12.5cm dimensions, which means you can keep it at any place in your home. You can see the website to know about the stock available.


  • Contain three wicks.
  • 900g weight.
  • Featuring Lina Cavalieri’s mouth and nose.
  • 100% Vegetable wax.
  • Thyme, cedarwood, and lavender notes.


  • Only ideal for people loving woody aroma.

Is giant candle a better option?

You must choose the size of the candle according to the magnitude of your room. If you have a big room, the small-sized candle will be of no use to it. A giant candle with three or more wicks and larger wax pools can bring about an excellent scent throw.

Which features to look for in a giant candle?

Before buying a giant scented candle, you must keep different aspects in mind. Because you may find plenty of candles in a candle store, but a real candle is the one that spreads a perfume-like smell not even during the days but the whole night also.

The first and foremost thing is to think about the place where you’ll place your newly purchased large candle. If you’re buying a candle for your bedroom, it must be relaxing or soothing. But if wanting to keep it in the living room, then any strong fragrance is also acceptable.

No matter where you place the candle, it should diffuse the fragrance evenly. When getting a giant candle, make sure it has more wicks, while cotton or linen wicks are much desirable for better burning. The paraffin wax and vegetable wax are great options for large scented candles.

Some Candle burning FAQs:

How to make the candle last longer?

To make your candle burn longer, it is essential to trim the wicks regularly. Because when the wicks burn evenly, the candle will not be wasted. Extinguish the candle after it has burned for 4 hours. These simple tips make the candle burn for a longer time.

What causes the candles to smoke badly?

When the candles consistently burn, it causes the wax to melt around the wicks. Resultantly, the wicks go up, which is essential for feeding the flame. But the extra-long wick spoils the balance of fuel and heat, which can cause excessive smoke or soot.

Final Verdict

No doubt finding a giant candle with enormous features may give you a tough time; that’s why we tried to provide you with the best information about the oversized candles. The benefit of using a giant candle is that it comes with a maximum of 800 hours of burn time. These huge products become less pricey if we compare their price per ounce. So, it’s good to buy a large candle instead of many small candles if you want to save your hard-earned money.

Above, we presented the top-notch candles for you, just to save your precious time of research. Because our researchers spend hours finding quality products of the different price ranges, that’s the reason everyone landing here can easily order a product of their choice.

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