Fragrant Jewels Candles That Will Light Up Your Life

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Fragrant Jewels Candles That Will Light Up Your Life

One could ask for nothing with the surprise ring candle collection by fragrant jewels product. Each fragrant jewels candle exhibits all qualities only great candles possess. The proven focus of fragrant jewels is customers’ health and satisfaction. Fragrant jewels candles are perfect for adding joy to any celebration, serving as the backdrop in an intimate dinner, or joining you on a laid-back day at home.

In terms of home decor, fragrant jewels candle easily blend with any aesthetic or theme and are a great fit for your candle holder. You can expect fragrant jewels candles to fit with any bold or minimal interiors. The good things never stop there!

As if that isn’t enough, every fragrant jewels ring candle comes with a bonus ring inside. Some people aim to get the bonus ring with the highest value, but most customers do not get the joy simply from their ring’s worth. The customer’s satisfaction lies in the reveal! Never knowing what’s in for you creates the elements of surprise and mystery. This surprising factor makes each buy more fun and exciting. Let’s say that for many, getting a bonus ring is just a beautiful and additional plus.

A fragrant jewels candle does not only makes up for a great gift set but is also an attractive way to spoil yourself. It is from a company that exclusively advocated all rights reserved. The fragrant jewels review is also something to look out for as it depicts the worth of your choice. You can pick a candle scent that makes you feel special and pamper yourself in true royal essence fashion.

Fragrant Jewels:

Fragrant Jewels is an American-based company that offers a variety of hand-crafted products like bath bombs, candles, and many other items. They are also a hit in some of the popular countries such as Los Angeles and New york. The popularity of this brand has also touched the united kingdom borders. So, it is not the area around Washington, DC. Positive word of mouth is now a global phenomenon.

The specialty of fragrant jewels is coconut-wax candles which are the best among all waxes. You can also avail promo code of Fragrant Jewels 2021 2022 giveaway by following their giveaway rules. Check the 2021 2022 giveaway rules from the fragrant jewels website.

Fragrant Jewels Candles:

They use the best quality ingredients to make a fragrant jewel candle to ensure a soot-free and clean burn every time. For an unforgettable experience, the fragrant jewels carefully blend their coconut wax with unique fragrance oils.

Fragrant Jewels use only the highest quality ingredients to make these candles. Moreover, these candles are paraben-free, phthalate-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. The burning time of a fragrant jewel candle is approximately equal to 60 hours.

If you shake the wax that results in invisible air bubbles after drying. The burning candle is uneven if its wax contains air bubbles. The even burning of the candle is an indicator of a well-made candle. Thus it is not wrong for people to say that it is one of the best gifts for your inner circle members.

Coconut Wax Candles:

Fragrant candles are made by using the best type of wax which is coconut wax. Coconut wax is a colorless and odorless wax made from cold-pressed coconut meat or coconut oil mixed with soy wax. The coconut wax candles are odorless, one of the healthiest and best types of wax. Also, coconut wax is a renewable resource that grows without pesticides and fertilizer. It can hold a lot of scents in its wax, making it the best choice for scented candle making. This wax is also responsible for the rich, creamy texture. Moreover, when you light coconut wax candles, they produce no harmful chemicals and burn clean.

Fragrant Jewels Bath Bombs:

The bath bomb is a compacted mixture of dry and wet ingredients like baking soda, citric acid, and essential oils. The most important ingredients of Fragrant Jewels bath bomb are citric acid and baking soda. When a bath bomb cracks, shapes come into contact with water; it cracks due to the presence of citric acid.

To minimize this fizz effect, you have to add wet ingredients slowly while mixing. Once mixed, You can make bath bombs in any of your desired shapes. Citric acid and baking soda are mixed in bath bubbles, and they undergo a chemical reaction when put in water. Lots of bubbles are produced due to this reaction when bath bombs dissolve in water. These bubbles are of carbon dioxide which makes the water so fizzy.

Beautiful Rings Hidden Inside Bath Bombs:

Bath bombs from Fragrant Jewels contain a hidden ring inside them. The ring is placed in a small capsule, and you can find it by dissolving bath bombs. These rings placed in bath bombs are beautiful and real. The majority of these rings are white or rose gold plated copper with zircon crystals. The ring size also caters to premium customer service.

Fragrant Jewels Candles Inner Circle:

Fragrant Jewels Candles Inner Circle

You can join the inner circle to access regular shipments of unique and new candles. Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Copper are the four tiers in which inner circle members get a membership. The highest tier, Platinum status, offers the convenience of an In-room check-in, unlimited upgrades to eligible room categories, and more.

Additionally, Fragrant Jewels offer favorite free standard shipping on orders worth more than $50 across the United States. All you have to do is earn points and redeem them for your favorite exclusive rewards in the loyalty or reward program of Fragrant Jewels

Jewelry Protection from Tarnishing:

The contact of air, moisture, oils, and acids to jewelry items; causes them to wear down and eventually causes them to tarnish. This happens because of the reaction of metals to moisture and sulfur in the air. You can keep jewelry protected from tarnishing by keeping it dry because moisture speeds up the tarnishing process.

Place different jewelry items separately and make sure the jewelry items are not touching inside the jewelry box. If you want to keep jewelry items open, you have to lower the humidity of a room. If you want to store your free jewelry items in a box, a jewelry box with velvet lining is the best choice. Velvet prevents premature tarnishing as it helps to absorb excessive moisture. People sometimes also claim that hot apple cider is also a good choice for the said purpose.

Valuable Rings Hidden Inside Fragrant Jewels Candles

Fragrant Jewels Candles Ring

All of the Fragrant Jewels candles contain a hidden $10K ring. A golden marker on the side of every candle denotes the ring’s place. You can get this hidden jewel out of a Fragrant Jewels’ candle by lighting your candle. When you see the glimmer of gold foil emerge from the wax, then blow out the candle. Pull the foil-wrapped jewel from the wax.

The amount of time to get the hidden ring in a candle will vary depending on the size of the candle, the type of wax, and the wick. Generally, it takes about one hour of burn time for every 1 inch in diameter of the actual candle size. The candle’s first burn is the most important, so allow the wax to melt evenly across the candle.

The initial burn should be at least around 3 hours for a 21-ounce candle to liquefy the entire top layer of wax. Green rings around fingers produce acid that causes the silver to oxidize; Fragrant Jewels rings have never turned fingers green.

Our Review of Fragrant Jewels Candles

Many companies offer hidden rings with their candles; if you are specifically looking for Fragrant Jewelry candles, then you are at the right place. Here in this blog, we will review some Fragrant Jewels candles.

Let’s jump into our review of Pick your poison- jewel candle, Mystery Collection Candle, Tahitian Dream – Jewel Candle, Coven satin collection-jewel candle, and Pandora’s Box – Jewel Candle.

Pick Your Poison – Fragrant Jewels Candles

The candle name “Pick Your Poison” is named after a general saying that someone has to choose between two horrible choices. For example, you have two choices: you can hire a carpenter, but that is expensive the other one is you can do it by yourself, which is slow and time-consuming. So in this scenario, these two choices are your poison. You have to choose among these two options.

Fragrances In This Candle:

Pick your poison is a two-wick candle that comes in a transparent green jar. Fragrance notes of Pick your poison candle are lily of the valley, rich amber, soothing cedarwood, and delicious apples.

Let’s get familiar with these fragrances:

Lily Of The Valley:

According to experts lily of the valley is for good luck, and its fragrance has a strong association with the new beginning and emergence of spring. The fragrance of the lily of the valley is fresh, spring-like, watery, crisp green, floral, and slightly jasmine. Lily of the valley, also called mugat in French, has a sweet scent with an effect of dew alternately green and sweet. It is poisonous to ingest lily of the valley plant by animals and humans, but its smell is safe.

Rich Amber:

Amber is a blend of ingredients with a lightly sweet scent, powdery, and warm. It consists of natural and synthetic ingredients like vanilla, styrax, benzoin, labdanum, and a few more. It creates oriental fragrances that convey a powdery, rich, and spicy feel. The scent of amber was originally derived from plant resin labdanum and ambergris emulation. Now, largely the scent of amber comes from labdanum because of the endangered species of the sperm whale.

Amber has a very little scent of its own. Hence, it’s commonly combined with other essential oils like cedarwood, frankincense, and sandalwood. The essential oil made by these combinations is very good for stress relief, relaxation, and easing depression.

Soothing Cedarwood:

Cedarwood fragrance is comforting, sedative, warm, sweet, and woody. It has a camphoraceous odor and balsamic undertone that reminds you of an heirloom hope chest or a good aftershave. Cedarwood fragrance holds calming and grounding properties for both body and mind. This aromatic wood fragrance calls to mind pencil shavings and fine cigar boxes, both of which are cedarwood in manufacturing.

Scrumptious Apple:

Scrumptious Apple fragrance is A fresh mouth-watering fruity note, sweet or green and sour. Apple works well with several other ingredients, including cedarwood, ambergris, pink pepper, and lemon. This complementary apple flavor goes well with any fruity scent and is the perfect autumn spice. The apple fragrance may control blood pressure, lessen migraine pain and help you lose weight.

Jewelry In This Candle:

You’ll find 1 of 10 rings after your candle magically dissolves. Each rhodium-plated ring features dark art images that include crossbones and a skull for poison. The ring also contains a pentagram, and you’ll also find a deadly concoction of green, black, white cubic zirconia stones set within each band. If you feel anything sinister brewing or evil, then wear these rings.

The net weight of the Pick your poison candle is approximately equal to 312 grams.

Ingredients Of The Candle:

Pick your Poison candle includes candle scent, proprietary coconut wax blend, and candle dye.

Mystery Collection Candles

Mystery Collection Candles

Well, what is life if not a little bit mysterious? Mystery in all things and especially your candles can make all the difference in the world. If you are trying to get your hands on this one then the chances that you might pick the perfect one or a gem are more than high.

The rewards can be quite catchy as they can range from the best sellers of the previous season to the editor’s choice of all times. Furthermore, you can also get your hands on the perfectly crafted jewels which are carefully picked for the customers from the past collections. Talk about a win-win situation.

Tahitian Dream – Fragrant Jewels Candles

Tahitian Dream Fragrant Jewels Candles

There are chances that you don’t meet your love of life this summer, but you can win a fancy ring all by yourself. In the true spirit of an independent person, you can pretend that you are taking a trip to Tahiti by burning this candle. You can feel pure relaxation by burning a Tahitian dream candle that features sweet tropical flowers.

Fragrances In This Candle:

Fragrance notes of Tahitian dream candles are windswept ocean moss, teak, and sandalwood blended with water lily, lavender, and citrus. This blend makes a fragrance that instantly sets your body and mind at peace.

Here’s a brief description of these fragrances:

Ocean Moss:

Ocean moss fragrance is a mixture of orchid, bergamot, jasmine, violet, musk, sandalwood, ozone, and moss. The unique ocean moss fragrance is used in lotion, soaps, bath bombs.


The beautiful teakwood fragrance carries on the tones of sandalwood is a bold and complex fragrance with wide appeal. Cedarwood fragrance is best to treat the stiffness and pains of sufferers with arthritis and nerve inflammation.


Sandalwood’s fragrance is warm, smooth, creamy, sweet, and exotic. The sandalwood fragrance is a woody and deep fragrance and often smells like a mix of rich, balsamic, floral, sweet, and soft accents. It is often used as a base note in many iconic colognes and perfumes due to its great fragrance. The fragrance of sandalwood can elevate skin conductance level, systolic blood pressure, and pulse rate.

Jewelry In This Candle:

The Tahitian dream candle releases relaxing and therapeutic fragrances like other Fragrant Jewels candles. You can find gorgeous rings encased in each after burning candles. There are also chances you can win an additional $10k ring by buying Fragrant Jewels candles.

The net weight of the Tahitian dream candle is approximately equal to 453.5 grams.

Ingredients Of The Candle:

Tahitian dream candle includes candle scent, proprietary coconut wax blend, and candle dye ingredients.

Coven Satin Collection- Fragrant Jewels Candles

coven satin collection fragrant jewels candles

Coven satin is a Victorian-inspired candle representing the coven as a whole. The differences and similarities melded together in one display of ultimate power. The beautiful multi-colored ombre jar houses the pure white candle wax. The darkness quickly dissolves into a clear exterior by exposing the luxury candlelight.

Fragrances In This Candle:

You can enjoy mesmerizing and captivating notes of white musk, fresh sage, sweet vanilla, and soothing jasmine by burning a coven satin candle.

A brief description of these fragrances would go as follows:

Fresh Sage:

Sage is a herb mixture with relaxing properties consisting of eucalyptus, cedarwood, earthy sage. Fresh pine and cedar leaf. Many variations of fresh sage are available, but ultimately, sage offers an earthy aroma with a herbaceous fragrance. Often sage is with green notes and pairing, and it comes across strong to someone who has never smelled it before.

Soothing Jasmine:

The scent of soothing jasmine is highlighted by a bouquet of fragrant animal wildlife, sweet floral scented tones, and white flowers. The jasmine aroma will be sensual, romantic, and a calming perfumed sensation. Jasmine lends a floral fragrance that is sweet, rich, and very sensual. The fragrance of jasmine directly impacts a central nervous system chemical known as GABA. GABA is responsible for calming the nerves and mild soothing depression.

White Musk:

Musk was originally the scent’s name coming from a male musk deer, from which the fragrance was harvested. Musk is a heavy aroma that gives earthy and woody vibes. It smells like your skin but better and lasts for an oddly long time. The musk fragrance can be described as woody, earthy, intoxicating, and animalistic.

Sweet Vanilla:

The vanilla fragrance not only evokes feelings of simplicity and purity but is also reminiscent of softness, care, and warmth. Vanilla is often used to describe anything that is unembellished, pure, and simple.

Jewelry In This Candle:

After burning your coven satin candle, you’ll discover 1 of 4 sterling silver ring designs. The total options of rings are eight, and each ring is plated in either antique silver or 18 k black gold. There is a mixture of black and white pearls within a stunning array of graphite and aurora borealis crystals. You can collect every combination for ultimate power.

The net weight of a Coven satin candle is approximately equal to 312 grams.

Ingredients Of The Candle:

Coven satin candle includes candle fragrance, coconut wax blend, and candle dye ingredients.

Pandora’s Box – Fragrant Jewels Candles

Pandora Box candle named referring to the Greek myth of Pandora in Hesiod’s works and days. The curiosity of a woman led to opening a container left in the care of her husband, thus releasing emotional and physical curses upon humanity.

Fragrances In This Candle:

Don’t let the sins of your past define you. Instead, choose to shine a little light into your future with our Pandora’s Box luxury candle. Enjoy musky yet floral notes of violet leaf, mandarin, blushed dahlias, white cedar, and rose musk as you manifest a destiny full of hope. A brief description of these fragrances is given below:

Violet Leaf:

Violet leaves smell very green, the world’s best in watery fragrance and masculine scents. The fragrance of violet leaf is as cool as a cucumber. Violet flowers smell soft, romantic, and powdery. The fragrance of violet is a little like an iris and can be played up to create a very feminine fragrance.


The mandarin scent is described as fresh, sweet, sharp, fruity, tangy with elements of candied orange, neroli-like undertone, and a delicate floral. Mandarin in a very sunny citrus note; citrus has more character than bergamot. The mandarin fragrance is also greener and bitter; it brings a smile to the fragrance.

Blushed Dahlian:

The notes of juicy pear blending into a floral heart of dahlia petals and a dry down finish of sweet, nutty praline is crafted into blushed dahlian fragrance.

White Cedar:

A woody, aromatic scent. Deep, refreshing base notes of mahogany and white cedarwood are accented by a warm core of spicy nutmeg and cinnamon, finished with a zingy bergamot top note. White cedar is a woody aromatic scent.

Rose Musk:

Rose musk is a sweet, spicy smell resembling meadow honey, with fruity notes. The fragrance of musk is not produced by petals but by the stamens of a flower. Musk’s fragrance can be described as woody, earthy, intoxicating, and animalistic.

Jewelry In This Candle:

As your luxury candle fully releases into the world, you’ll discover 1 of 8 rhodium plated rings. Each ring is engraved with one of the seven deadly sins inside the band-an opportunity for you to name your fault. But the virtue is engraved on the outside- an opportunity to hide the past and live the outward-facing solution.

The net weight of the Pandora Box candle is approximately equal to 312 grams.

Ingredients Of The Candle:

Pandora Box candle includes candle fragrance, coconut wax blend, and candle dye ingredients.


I have tried my best to give you a genuine and honest review of the Fragrant Jewels candles. These ring candles make a great gift for your loved ones or to pamper yourself too. But our opinions about the individual fragrance can vary. Overall, these Fragrant Jewels candles will give you an amazing fragrance and a beautiful ring.

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