How To Make Wine Bottle Candles

How To Make Wine Bottle Candles

Have you ever thrown away an old wine bottle? I bet you wish you had known about this idea first. Wine bottle candles are a great way to reuse old wine bottles and make some gorgeous candles for your home.

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How To Make Coconut Wax Candles At Home

Coconut candles are popular because they are easy to work with and produce a long-lasting flame. It is usually mixed with different waxes to make candles with better burn quality and fragrance flow.

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How To Pick The Perfect Candle Scent For Each Room

Let us all be very frank with one another; how often have you gone on candle hunting and have tried different candle scents… All the time, right!

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How To Use Candle Aromatherapy To Create A Relaxing Atmosphere

It is the presence of the plant-based essential oils that make these aromatherapy scented candles one of their kind. The burning time of the candle and the whole ambiance is one to beat.

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DIY Dried Flower Candles That Look Great On A Table

This DIY dried flower candle guide works great as a craft with friends or family and is a really simple way to dress up an area that needs a little something without spending too much money on it.

candle tunneling; candles melting; uneven burning candle; even burning candles; candles burning evenly; preventing candle tunneling

Candle Tunneling And Everything You Need To Know About Preventing It

Candle tunneling is a factor associated with a lit candle melting the middle part of the candle but not affecting the wax at the edges. That prevents the wax at the far ends from melting evenly.


DIY Candle: Learn How To Make Beautiful Candles At Home

How to make the easiest DIY candle? Step 1: Weigh and melt the wax. Step 2: Prepare container and fix the wick. Step 3: Add scent. Step 4: Pour the wax.